• A bangle is a delicate gold bracelet that suits every type of woman.
  • The tennis bracelet, too, is a classy gold bracelet that you can wear to a party or to the office.
  • Measure your wrist size and find your unique and perfectly fitting bracelet.

Since the beginning of mankind, we have worn jewellery. In the past, this was mainly a sign of wealth. Even though jewellery is now worn by everybody, it still underlines your unique personality. A pair of stud earrings conveys a different message than a pair of diamond earrings. And a braided bracelet is fortunately not the same as a gold bracelet. A stylish woman knows how to wear her jewellery! This is why we have selected 2 gold bracelets for you that will fit you like a glove and are suitable for every occasion.

A gold bracelet that fits every woman, every body type and every style, is the bangle. Simply stunning! This type of gold bracelet has to fit snuggly around your wrist, however. Don’t worry: to find a perfectly fitting bracelet you don’t have to waste hours trying it on in a fitting room. Simply rap a tape measure around your wrist and add about a centimetre. Moreover, BAUNAT offers you a 30 day return possibility, if you should change your mind. Ideal for thoroughly trying on your bracelet. Because a bangle is set with stunning diamonds, it is easy to combine it with a diamond ring. After all, why shouldn’t you purchase a diamond ring for yourself ? Jewels accentuate who you are. It is perfectly acceptable to radiate how unique and successful you are.

One of the advantages of a bangle is that you can layer them. It is the delicate design that allows this. A chunkier gold bracelet is much more difficult to combine with other jewellery. Remember: less is more. It is better to combine a delicate gold bracelet with a matching necklace and earring, than to drown your wrists in jewels. This is also much more convenient when you are wearing jewellery to the office.

Are you looking for a gold bracelet that is perfect for everyday to the office, but also classy enough to wear to a party or an event? Then the tennis bracelet is what you are looking for. It combines practicality with a certain class. This stunning gold bracelet is set all the way around with diamonds. Choosing a white gold tennis bracelet is choosing a timeless jewel that will always be beautiful, even after 20 years. Colourless diamonds really come to life in this bracelet. Or do you prefer a yellow gold or red gold bracelet? Everything is possible.

At BAUNAT, you will effortlessly find the gold bracelet that fits you like a glove. Browse through our extensive collection or look for a specific jewel by selecting the alloy or gemstone of your choice. Don’t hesitate to contact us if you require any additional information.

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