Lockets are pendants that you are able to open and that can carry various personal secrets such as photographs, hair or little messages. Lockets, although they actually descended from amulets, became particularly popular during the Victorian age, in the 1900s where they were given in the memory of a loved one. European designs though were found dating back to as early as the 16th century.

Today, in an era where it is more and more difficult to have your own personal space and to keep your secrets secret, lockets are actually coming back to trend. Have you ever thought of having a diamond pendant locket?

Types of lockets & shapes

Lockets can be found in different shapes, the most popular ones throughout times are the oval, round or heart-shaped lockets. Usually made with precious metals such as silver or gold, lockets really have their own special place in jewellery.

Lockets can vary, depending on what their purpose is:

  • Transparent casing: if the locket is meant to carry a curl of hair, then you would more commonly choose one that has a transparent glass casing so that you don’t have to repeatedly open it risking loosing the hair. Today transparent lockets are also used to display inside, gemstones and charms representing something in particular.
  • Closed: the original lockets were made entirely of metal and you couldn’t see what was in it unless it was opened. These are perfect for photographs or small texts that you wish to keep close to your heart.
  • Perfume lockets: back in the 1900s, lockets were also used for perfume so the person wearing it would smell nice and sweet. These were made of fine filigree and encased a tiny pillow in the centre. The few drops of perfume would be added directly on the pillow.


Having spoken of the secrets that can be contained inside the locket, we also need to talk about the ways to personalise the outside of the locket.

The most common way has always been the art of engraving. You can engrave the initials of the person you give the locket to or an acronym and words that have a special meaning to you, or a date, the options are many. You can also personalise it by having a designer engrave a special drawing.

Then, you can set your locket with diamonds and gemstones, thereby creating a sparkly yet unique diamond pendant that will have even more value. Diamond pendant lockets are not as common as one would think, it does require talented craftsmen to be able to set diamonds and gemstones onto a locket but it is feasible and it would become a work of art.


BAUNAT features fabulous lockets with stunning diamonds that are set at the centre of the pendants or a halo of diamonds on the outer edge of the locket. Both are part of the Médallion d’Anvers collection which is very rich and detailed.

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