For centuries, jewellery symbolised the status, rank and power of the man that wore them. Kings and princes adorned themselves with jewels and nobles displayed influence through their jewellery: pompous medals, gold bracelets and chains. It was only in the 19th and 20th century that this tradition lost in popularity, as gorgeously decorated uniforms were replaced by the simple frock coat and then the everyday suit. But today there is a small revival!

A watch is considered an accessory, and for many men that is enough. It is widely agreed on that chunky gold chains or other hip-hop style jewels are less suited for the average man. However, there is a variety of jewels that men can wear. These jewels convey masculinity and give a finishing touch to your outfit, without appearing pretentious.


Cufflinks engraved with your initials or set with diamonds are discreet yet distinguished, whether you wear them for a festive occasion or in the office. They also convey a sort of uniqueness, as a man who wears cufflinks stands out from the crowd. Easy to combine with almost every dress shirt, caution is advised only when combining them with coloured button-ups, as they may not harmonize.

Lapel pin

For formal events, a small lapel pin is an unobtrusive yet effective finishing touch to your dark suit. It indicates a true gentleman and looks wonderful in combination with a handkerchief. Important: lapel pins are not inserted straight, but slightly diagonal, parallel to the inner edge of the lapel. Do not insert the pin completely. Ideally, a few millimetres of the needle are still visible.

Tie pin

A practical and at the same time chic accessory, if chosen correctly. Excessively playful tie pins are a no-no, as well as tie pins with funny pictures. Elephants, watering cans or cute animals? Drop those off at the second-hand store! When cufflinks are worn, the tie pin must match them. And if a lapel pin is worn, the tie pin is omitted.


Are you an artist? Wonderful! In that case, creative earrings are definitely allowed. If you’re not, earrings are not that fashionable. The ear stud, temporarily trendy at the end of the last century, is now definitely out of style. It is considered to be almost as bad as a thick gold chain worn with an unbuttoned shirt.


This depends on the occasion. When attending an opera, for example, it should be avoided. However, a narrow bracelet with dark pearls and leather looks stunning combined with a matching leather chronograph. Also, a gold bracelet on the watch-free wrist is not a bad choice for some occasions.

In general, it is no longer a taboo for men to wear jewellery. Quite the opposite! Carefully selected, small pieces of jewellery will add a finishing touch to your outfit and contribute to your confidence.

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