Everyone knows that Paris is an uber fashionable city, thanks to the fact that it is the home of Paris Fashion Week and many of the top international fashion houses. As such, it is a great place to find some of the stalwarts of the jewellery world, meaning you can undoubtedly find fine jewellery there. If you are searching for jewellers in Paris with a hope to buy a necklace, look no further. BAUNAT has gathered our best tips for making such a purchase.


Things to consider when buying a necklace

Buying luxury jewellery can seem rather daunting because it is such an investment. This is even more true if you are buying an item of fine jewellery, such as a necklace, for someone else. With that in mind, we would recommend you:

1. Make sure you get a diamond certificate

This is a really important step if you are buying a diamond necklace. The certificate shows that the diamond has been graded by a reputable laboratory, certifying that the diamond is what it is.

2. Think about the style you would like

If you are buying for yourself, why not browse online collections to get an idea of what designs are out there? For example, you need to consider if you would like a diamond necklace, pendant or locket. However, if you are shopping with someone else in mind, then you need to think about what they like best. Maybe you could take a sneak peek at their jewellery collection to see what fashions they like, or even buy the necklace together if it is not intended as a surprise?

3. Do your research

When you have found the jeweller where you would like to buy your necklace, whether in Paris or online, research them and make sure they are reputable. In particular, look at the quality of their pieces and their craftsmanship.

So now you know what to look for in a jeweller…

Which is the best Parisian jeweller for necklaces?

When looking for jewellers in Paris for necklaces, it is best to stick north of the River Seine and wander around the 9th arrondissement. There are so many jewellers in this area that you will be spoiled for choice. Nonetheless, our favourite by far has to be…

BAUNAT Paris Showroom

Located on Rue du Faubourg Saint Honoré, the BAUNAT Paris Showroom is the ideal jeweller to visit in Paris if you are looking for your new favourite necklace. Available only by appointment, you are guaranteed to receive personal assistance in a relaxed atmosphere. Our jewellery experts will be delighted to aid you in your quest for a new necklace in Paris.

If you are still unsure what style of necklace you would like, why not contact our online advisors for some extra help? They would be more than happy to guide you in purchasing a necklace from a reputable Parisian jeweller.
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