• Who are the individuals buying directly online?
  • How is this trend changing the traditional market and shaping the online world?

In today’s modern world, where people find dates on online apps and book their first restaurant online through a website, it is becoming increasingly popular to buy your engagement ring directly online. But why has it become so popular, what has influenced these changes and why are more and more people from the younger generations skipping the traditional jewellery shop? These are questions many jewellers are asking and the answer is clear: technology and online access.

Who are the individuals buying directly online?

It appears that the individuals that are buying engagement rings online are of the younger generations and usually men. These e-savvy tech-friendly people are usually interested in finding unique, unusual and, if possible, customised rings that truly represent their relationship and themselves. They are not willing to just purchase a classic ring that is available any time and everywhere, they want to make a statement.

It also appears that younger generations are less traditional when it comes to the budget they are willing to spend for their dream ring. The 2 to 3 months’ salary as average ring budget that was used in the 80s and 90s does not seem to apply anymore. They would rather either wait to save enough money for the perfect ring, or they are happy to proceed with an alternative, being more interested in the final product than the money spent itself.

How is this trend changing the traditional market and shaping the online world?

This new mentality is considerably changing the market. Nothing beats the wide choices and infinite catalogues of beautiful jewellery that are available at a mouse click. Furthermore, with the secure payment systems, the various online guarantees and reliable shipping services, it has become considerably easier and faster today. Another aspect influencing individuals and persuading them to buy engagement rings online is the facility with which you can customise and personalise jewellery, even when choosing an engagement ring through an image or a video.

It really adds to the whole experience and probably became the cherry on the cake that made certain reluctant individuals change their minds.

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