We have all purchased jewellery, whether for a special occasion, for ourselves or as a gift. All this jewellery may have a certain resale value, and therefore, have you ever considered actually buying jewellery as an investment? This means purchasing jewellery that has a certain potential of resale over the long-term, a timeless piece that will gain value over time. So why not purchase your engagement or your wedding band as an investment?

  • Advantages of buying as an investment
  • Why this would be a good option for you?

Advantages of buying as an investment

The advantages of buying as an investment are multiple. From the value of the piece that increases over time, to the resale opportunities, buying an investment engagement ring is a good alternative that doesn’t necessarily cost more than a regular ring, it just involves making smarter choices.

In investment jewellery we look at 2 main points, the choice of the metal, either gold or platinum; but the main factor is of course the the diamond(s). Ideally the ring needs to be 18Kt gold and not lower, because a lower caratage means a less pure alloy with a smaller quantity of gold so it won’t have the same value as an investment.

Same goes with platinum, it is a precious metal that is actually very rare and therefore expensive and considered a great investment asset.

But the most important part is of course the diamond. It is advised to have a nice white colour without visible impurities. The diamond needs to have some rarity, including a size of 1cts and larger and of exceptional colour such as D, E, F or G and exceptional clarity such as Internally Flawless up to VS2. The cut grade also needs to be at least Very Good, so that the diamond has the best proportions and the ideal fire and brilliance needed.

Why this would be a good option for you?

For all these reasons, it would be a wise choice to select an engagement ring that will not only be beautiful and symbolise your love and the new adventure, but it will also be an investment and increase value over the years.

It is true that it is not easy to know what to look for, that is why it is recommended to do some research online and to contact a professional to guide you in the process in order to ensure you pursue the right investment project.

BAUNAT is the leader on the market for investment diamonds, but also in high-enddesigner jewellery, so don’t hesitate to contact one of BAUNAT’s experts to guide you in the process of choosing your ideal engagement ring that could also be considered a long term investment.

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