It is commonly heard of investments in real estate, in gold, coins, art and what not. But have you ever considered investing in diamonds? We are not talking here about your regular commercial diamonds that are more affordable and accessible, we are talking about high value, high potential diamonds. Here’s a list of a few pros of investing in diamonds and why you should consider it.

  • Beauty & Sentimentalism
  • Supply & Demand

Beauty & Sentimentalism

There is no contradicting the fact that diamonds are unique, they are rare and absolutely beautiful. Thanks to excellent marketing strategies and communications over time, diamonds have become the ultimate symbol of love.

They are given at special occasions like weddings, but also for anniversaries, graduations and religious celebrations. Diamonds and jewellery are passed down through generations, they carry stories of love, heirloom and family affairs, they are simply eternal.

Supply & Demand

That is why diamonds continue to be so sought after and although there are today many deposits that produce millions of gem quality diamonds, such as Russia, Botswana and Canada; we all know that none of the deposits are endless and supply is bound to decrease over time.

Furthermore, it is known that only 20% of the world’s production of diamonds is used in jewelry, the other 80% is used for industrial purposes of all sorts. Making gem quality diamonds even more attractive to potential investors.

You need to know that diamonds do have the potential of being a hedge against inflation, against market and currency crashes. It has been proven throughout time, that diamonds can even become a form of insurance, just like gold is.

Investing in diamonds is the perfect alternative should you be interested in diversifying your portfolio. Diamonds can be considered unbreakable assets with a unique identity, that can be tested and easily verified, thereby giving maximum security to the owner. Furthermore, diamonds are natural elements that do not lose their intrinsic substance value over time.

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