You are successful at your job, earning good money and you wish to pamper your wife while making a good investment at the same time? Simply invest in one of the most beautiful forms of investment in the world: luxurious diamond jewellery!

"Diamonds are a girl's best friend". Even though the Broadway musical "Gentlemen Prefer Blondes" from which this song originates premiered in 1949, the truth of this song has remained unchanged. Every woman wants to be wooed and likes to receive beautiful gifts as an expression of affection and love. And what says "I love you" if not a high-quality diamond ring?

Moreover, it is a solid and physical investment. Which stones will yield the highest return is subject to the spirit of the time. In the past, smaller, pure white, loupe-clean stones with the highest quality were considered an ideal investment. Although these have increased in value over the past few years, larger diamonds of around 3 carat, within the colour grades of F, G and H are now more sought-after and promise high returns.

The trend is quite clear: the bigger the better, but with a solid quality and with a good price-quality ratio. Also, the profit does not have to be hidden, similar to a stock portfolio or other rather risky investment forms. The latter, however, will not make a woman smile like a diamond ring does.

BAUNAT offers you everything you need to invest in your relationship, while also making a smart investment: excellent quality diamonds, certified by renowned institutes. And also: good prices because of our direct purchasing via the diamond exchange in Antwerp, without unnecessary intermediaries, but with an experienced team of jewellers that make luxurious and timeless jewellery with beautiful diamonds.

Let us advise you. We look forward to your e-mail, your call or chat request!

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