Considering the purchase of a diamond engagement ring set as a potential investment is a smart move. Diamonds just like gold, are considered great commodities, especially when looking at diversifying your portfolio. So why shouldn’t you combine romance with a practical approach by investing in a fabulous diamond engagement ring set?

  • How do I choose a diamond for an investment?
  • What is a diamond engament ring set and how do I turn it into an investment?

How do I choose a diamond for an investment?

Not every diamond may be considered as an investment. The main reason for this is the probability of resale. A diamond that cannot easily be sold cannot unfortunately be regarded as potential investment. Therefore how do you choose your diamonds?

You need to base yourself on the famous 4Cs, the carat weight, the colour, the clarity and the cut as defined by the GIA. Ideally you should choose a diamond that is certified and that falls within the following grade characteristics:

  • It should weigh 1ct or more. Smaller is not considered as an investment as it is more readily available on the market.
  • The colour should fall in the colourless range, meaning D to F and not lower.
  • The clarity of the diamond should be VVS2 or more. A lower clarity means that the diamond has more visible inclusions and blemishes which lowers its value.
  • The cut needs to be excellent as it is the cut that creates the highly desirable effects of brightness, fire and scintillation.

Just remember that quality is key and it has to be identified as such by a renowned laboratory such as the GIA, HRD or IGI.

A beautiful diamond engagement ring set, made by BAUNAT.

What is a diamond engament ring set and how do I turn it into an investment?

A diamond engagement ring set is composed of an engagement ring and a wedding ring. When you decide to buy both at the same time as a set, you are guaranteed that the two rings will fit perfectly with one another on your finger.

Other than the design advantage, buying a diamond engagement ring set saves you time and more often than not, allows you to negotiate a discount because you are buying several rings at once.

The beauty of all this, is that you have the possibility to choose one or more of the stunning diamonds mentioned above and have them set into a fabulous engagement ring set. By doing so, it will not lose value, on the contrary, the added value of the gold will only increase the overall value as it is also a highly appreciated commodity in the market.

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