Investment diamonds

Investment diamonds

When it comes to our price-tagged range of jewellery, we strive to achieve the best price-quality ratio for our customers. For more information, please click here.

But BAUNAT's expertise in diamonds goes well beyond this. We will be happy to assist you if, in selecting your jewellery, the diamond (or diamonds) are considered as investments vehicles. Why invest in diamonds? Click here.

Given that in this quest the focus lies on the more exclusive characteristics of diamonds (in terms of colour, clarity and caratage), the absolute prices are notably higher than for the diamonds BAUNAT uses in its price-tagged jewellery.

However, the BAUNAT team will still guarantee you the best possible price in investment terms. Therefore, we will only recommend diamonds to you for which – notwithstanding their rarity – demand is widespread, as opposed to the small collector's market where pricing is primarily driven by pure speculation.

Should we have awakened your interest or should you have a particular request, then please do not hesitate to contact our experts or go to our fully dedicated website regarding investment diamonds.