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Gemstone in the spotlight: the Sapphire

Sapphire is the Greek word for 'blue stone'. Once upon a time, sapphire was thé gemstone of royals and rich nobility. But, jewels set with sapphires - whether or not in combination with diamond (s) - actually never went out of style. Coloured gems have been trending for a while, but the sapphire is still the most popular one. Sapphires are a symbol of luck, virtue, wisdom and Holiness, and are, like many other gemstones, surrounded by myths and legends. For example, in ancient Persia people thought the Earth rested on a giant Sapphire and that the reflection of its light coloured the sky blue. Fact is that this blue gemstone inspired numerous designers for centuries in designing the most beautiful jewels.

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Sapphires are mined all over the world, but the blue gems from Burma, Sri Lanka and Kashmir in India are the most expensive, and are being sold for record amounts at international auctions. A sapphire gets its beautiful blue color by traces of iron in the mineral. Sapphires with a purple undertone are generally the most popular, while those with a green or grey seem to be the least desired. They are very durable and therefore ideal to wear daily. An absolute classic. Sapphires have the reputation to be very traditional. Blue is a colour that matches with just about any outfit, whether you're a classic or rather extravagant type.

The sapphire reflects the radiant colour of both the sky and the sea. This beautiful blue colour can be further highlighted if the sapphire is surrounded by (colourless) diamonds. Furthermore, diamonds will sparkle even more in combination with a sapphire. Elegant rings, a pair of beautiful earrings, pendants or rather a subtle fashionable bracelet ... you name it, BAUNAT offers a beautiful range of jewellery set with sapphires (and diamonds) in their collection.

Author: Thomas Vanden Bogaerde
Source: BAUNAT


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