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Floral jewellery

Floral jewellery and their hidden messages

When looking at different shapes of jewellery, flowers are all-time favorites. These delicate creations have inspired jewellery designers for centuries to immortalize their fleeting beauty in timeless jewellery pieces. Flowers are rich in symbolism and therefore floral jewellery is perfect to make a profound impression on your loved one. People all over the world use floriography – the language of flowers – to get their message across. The type of flower, its colour and even the amount of flowers in your bouquet, all express emotions such as love, joy or grief and can be used accordingly to enhance a special event or day. I will further explain the language of flowers to unveil the secret messages they have in store for us.

  • The rose

The red rose is the symbol of love. White variants represent purity, virtue and unity. Pink roses are a sign of gratitude and appreciation. Blue roses on the other hand are somewhat special. They symbolize mystery, intrigue and the impossible, since they cannot be found in nature.

  • The Lily

White lilies represent chastity and virtue while ‘black’ lilies – more precisely a mixture of dark blue and chestnut brown – are given to someone’s first love. Yellow ones represent joyfulness. Red lilies do not exist in nature and refer to passion and desire.

  • Plumeria

Plumeria flowers blossom all year through and symbolize spring, a new life en de renewal of nature, simply put a celebration of new beginnings

  • Wisteria

A flower with a pleasant fragrance, that exists in blue, lavender, purplish pink and white. Whilst subtly pampering the senses it aptly signifies modesty.

  • Violet

Named after its rich and vivid purple hue, the Violet refers to modesty as well. White violet is used for innocence.

  • The bouquet

During the Victorian age (1837-1901) friends gifted talking bouquets of tussie mussies of herbs and flowers to each other as a token of their friendship. Diamond jewellery in the form of a bouquet was a very popular item in those days.

Whether you are choosing a pendant in the shape of a beautiful plumeria or cute roses as earring, you are at the right place for a florally inspired diamond jewel.

Author: Thomas Vanden Bogaerde
Source: BAUNAT


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