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Diamond : which shape to choose for your jewel?

Diamond : which shape to choose for your jewel?

The round brilliant cut diamond has long been popular, but the advent of fancy sizes such as princess, marquise and cushion has changed this trend.

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The shape is an important aspect when choosing a diamond. There are many, but 10 are standardized:

  •  Round

The appearance of the most prestigious diamond dates back to new cutting techniques and follows the discovery of new factors concerning the symmetry and the proportions that maximize its fire and brilliance.

  • Princess

Princess cut is the most popular after round brilliant. Its brilliance is impressive, its shape is located in between the square and the rectangle.

  • Emerald

Emerald cut is traditionally rectangle, this is the original shape of the diamond. It does not shine like the other stones, but its classic style and vintage look are recognized throughout the world of jewelry.

  • Asscher

The Asscher cut diamond has a similar shape to the emerald, but a square one. This jewel better reflects light and has a lot of fire thanks to its proportions. The presence of coloring on the sides is identical to that of princess cut diamonds, the H color grade is perfect.

  • Oval

This cut, similar to the round one, presents a large surface hardly covering impurities, but its extreme brightness makes it a benchmark. This diamond shape is very popular for its perfect symmetry and elegance.

  • Marquise

This shape was inspired by the legend of the mouth of the sublime Marquise de Pompadour. This is a variant of round diamond often set with side stones, which create the illusion of a larger diamond.

  • Radiant

Radiant shape is often square and rectangle, the surface can let impurities be seen in the stone. This diamond shape intensifies and enhances colors.

  • Heart

This type of diamond cut is similar to that of a modified round brilliant and is the representation of love and romance. It is a widely used jewel in the world of jewelry for Valentine’s day, Mother's Day or birthday gifts.

  • Pear

This style, which perfectly imitates a small water drop, is classic and elegant. This variant of the round brilliant diamond is exceptionally bright.

  • Cushion

The cushion-shaped diamond, also called Mazarine cut, has a graceful and elegant royal look. Unlike its square and rectangle structure, its classic and romantic appearance is recognized around the world.

Author: Jeremie Politi
Source: BAUNAT


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