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9 trends in marriage proposals and engagement rings

9 trends in marriage proposals and engagement rings

In a time when traditional marriage proposals are popular again, with the classic solitaire engagement ring in the lead, there is also room for innovation. Marriage proposals are more original; men buy expensive engagement rings, while the woman wants something unique and special. These are just some novelties in terms of engagements and what all is involved. Hereby we discuss the 9 biggest trends:

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1. Men spend more on engagement rings - and she knows exactly how much!

Men buy considerably more expensive engagement rings, with an average price of about 5,500 euros, while it was 5,000 in 2013 and 4,500 in 2011. It is also not a secret anymore: 68 percent of the women know exactly how much their future husband paid for her engagement ring.

2. She knows what she wants and makes that clear

70 percent of the women did research on what kind of engagement ring they want. They gave their beloved hints about what they love and what ring he must slide on their finger

3. Men take their time

They don’t let themselves be seduced by the very first engagement ring, but take their time to find the perfect ring (an average of 4 to 8 months doing research and 3 to 6 months to find the ring). They also visit at least five jewelers and take a look at about 25 engagement rings before they decide to purchase the perfect ring for their future bride.

4. More public marriage proposals

About 45 percent of men choose to ask their loved one to marry them in a romantic, public place. A deserted beach on a vacation or a scenic location in the country, nothing is impossible. With 40 percent of the brides to be, the proposal comes as a complete surprise, while more than half (58 percent) knew it was coming.

5. Tradition is everything

We also see that men like traditional marriage proposals. More than 75 percent asked their father in law permission to marry his daughter. About 85 percent is still sitting on that one knee and 89 percent asked the classic question: "Will you marry me?"

6. Social Media

Capturing the marriage proposal on camera is high on the man's priority list. About 41 percent captured this romantic happening by a photographer or cameraman. Within 3 days, they shared the images on social media and informed their family and friends.

7. Quality over quantity

The majority of men prefer to buy a smaller diamond that is qualitatively better than a larger stone with less quality. Women also prefer a high quality diamond. Moreover, they often prefer a fancy shaped diamond, such as princess cut, above the classic brilliant.

8. Custom engagement rings

More and more men go for tailor made engagement rings. Whether you choose to customize a ring, or rather to engrave a personal message, women will like it anyway.

9. Wedding rings: he wants comfort, she wants diamonds

And what about the wedding rings? He prefers a comfortable ring, while she wants a wedding ring with diamonds, and preferably in white gold. Men have no opinion on the choice of the precious metal: yellow, white, red gold or platinum? Couples spend an average of 1,250 euros to her wedding ring, and 500 euros to his wedding ring.

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Author: Thomas vanden Bogaerde
Source: BAUNAT

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