25 Carat Ruby now the world's most expensive gemstone

It keeps raining world records on the international auction markets. The Burmese Sunrise Ruby, weighing no less than 25.59 carat, was recently sold at Sotheby's Geneva for 30.3 million us dollars (or $ 1.1 million per carat). An absolute record! This is the highest price ever paid for a ruby, but also the highest price per carat. This exceptionally large ruby has a very intense blood red colour and is considered the world's most beautiful red gemstone.

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This world record is once again a proof that coloured gemstones are popular, not only to wear in a jewel, but also as a profitable investment. Although until recently only coloured diamonds were auctioned for tremendous amounts, coloured gemstones now also become very desirable. The sale of the Burmese Sunrise Ruby should not be inferior to that of the Historic Pink Diamond, a Fancy Vivid of 8.72 carats, auctioned off for $ 15.9 million. Quite the contrary! And even though the buyers are usually anonymous, it is suspected that the Burmese Sunrise Ruby is headed to Asia - with China and Hong Kong as the most likely destinations. Coloured diamonds and gemstones are worldwide on trend, but Asians - real trendsetters - always go one step further. There, men also are totally fond of coloured stones. The more colour and the bigger the sparkle, the better! At BAUNAT, we follow the trends closely and have an extensive collection of jewels set with coloured diamonds and/or gemstones, in every colour you desire.

Author: Thomas Vanden Bogaerde

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