After sharing with you an article about different uses for diamonds in a more general way, we are going to highlight the incredible relationship between diamonds and technology specifically and how they influence one another today.

This need of diamonds for technology of course has an influence on diamondprices as a whole also; as demand increases, the relationship between the two can influence the rough diamondprices.

As you may already know, the types of diamonds used for these purposes are not gem quality but rather industrial quality, in fact about 70% of the worldwide production is not gem quality.

Unexpected uses of diamonds in technology 

  • Solar Energy

The company General Electric, has developed a very new material that is a combination of diamonds and silicon, called Silicon Carbide. It is used in chips to build highly efficient inverters which are used to switch the DC produced by solar cells into AC.

  • Semiconductors

We all know that diamonds have high thermal conductivity but low electrical conductivity which is the reason why diamonds have started being used in electronic circuits, replacing the traditional silicon.

  • Water Purification

Diamonds are known to being able to withstand extremely tough environments, they are biologically inert and posses electrochemical properties that actually allow the oxidation of compounds, thereby being the perfect material to create products that would be used for the treatment of waters.

  • Anti-counterfeiting technology

Believe it or not, there is a US based company called Taneeh that has specialised in the use of diamond particles in the development of anti-counterfeiting systems for authentication, construction and identification technologies.


There are quite a few more other uses of diamonds in technology specifically, we have highlighted here the 4 that we thought most unexpected.


When seeing these different types of uses, across different industries, one cannot avoid thinking that this demand for industrial diamonds cannot not affect the diamondprice on the market even though the quantities available are of course larger than that of gem quality diamonds. Diamondprices increases and decreases are of course always inevitable as the demand fluctuates and the availability on the market changes.

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