• There are plenty of opportunities to surprise her with a diamond ring.
  • With this purchase, you best consider a couple of possibilities.
  • Did you still not find a gorgeous ring? At BAUNAT we have an extensive collection of diamond rings.

There are a lot of reasons to surprise her with a diamond ring. Just think of Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, her birthday, etc. Moreover, a marriage proposal is accompanied by a beautiful diamond engagement ring. The opportunities of looking for the perfect ring of her dreams are plentiful. When purchasing this ring, you need to consider a number of important aspects. You can also let guide yourself by someone with the necessary expertise. We would like to assist you with this.

How much do you want to spend?

If you are planning to surprise her with a diamond ring, you will have to consider first how much you can spend on it. In every price range, there are gorgeous engagement rings. However, by determining your budget, you will know which ring model is realistic and which isn’t. An engagement ring costs standard 3 times your monthly salary, but of course, you can interpret this freely.

The 4 C’s

Many times we have spoken about the 4 C’s; carat, colour, clarity and cut. These four characteristics of a diamond are very important when purchasing a diamond ring. They determine its quality. At BAUNAT, we always strive for high quality diamonds, which are always accompanied by a GIA, IGI or HRD certificate. We would love to help you with this quest.

The diamond shape

The diamond shape determines the overall impression of a diamond ring. While round brilliants have a timeless and elegant feel, an oval or pear-shaped diamond is rather playful. The selected diamond shape is inseparable from the personality of your beloved. Each shape has a certain meaning and represents a particular character. Also, some guidance of professionals is advised when choosing the diamond shape.

If you are looking for a beautiful diamond ring, make sure to take a look at our extensive collection. Also, a tailor made model is possible. If you are interested in a particular model, or if you have any additional questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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