• Overview of the different types of engravings


With the help of a personal engraving, your engagement ring becomes a one-of-a-kind piece of jewellery. Because of today's innovative laser technology, even the most diverse and unusual ideas can be realised. Ideas range from the classic date and name to an engraving on the outside, peace or love symbols, your fingerprint... Whatever your heart desires. Laser engraving technology offers unlimited possibilities for engraving engagement rings.



The Traditional Engraving and the Different Fonts

Traditionally, the engagement date and your first name are engraved on the inside of your engagement ring. Online jewellers usually offer different fonts for the engraving and you can find a configurator online, in which you enter your personal text. After selecting a font, your engraving will be displayed in a preview.

The best place for your engraving is the inside of the ring. You can engrave the date and both your names in a beautiful font or opt for pet names, inside jokes, or anything else that’s truly unique for your relationship. The inside of the ring is also a discreet place for a little diamond.

Simple Symbols That Speak for Themselves

Those who find the more traditional engravings too overdone, can choose to engrave meaningful symbols in their engagement ring. How about the eternity symbol? Or a heart? You can even engrave interlocked circles or a Chinese character. The possibilities are (almost) endless.

One-of-a-kind Engraving for Your Engagement Ring

The most unique engraving for your engagement ring? Your fingerprint! Thanks to highly innovative laser technology, every tiny detail can be picked-up and captured forever. Engraving your fingerprint in each other’s rings means you will always be together.

Other one-of-a-kind engravings tell the story of your relationship. You can carve a little map on the ring, with a star marking where you met or where you both live. Do you have a common hobby or any other things that characterise your relationship? Design a unique engraving capturing these things, and immortalise it on the inside (or outside!) of your ring.

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