Are you still on the search for a nice idea to surprise her or a romantic gift for your wedding anniversary, then upgrading her engagement ring, by adding diamonds, would be something special to do. Many men have a restricted budget when proposing and are thus unable to buy an expensive engagement ring. It could therefore be original to adjust the ring later, to create an even tighter bond between the two of you. You can upgrade your engagement ring by various means. We will list a couple of them:

Add a halo

The solitaire engagement ring still ranks first in the top ten most popular engagement rings. Men like to play safe. If you want to accentuate the central stone in a budget friendly way, you can add a halo. A band, or two bands, of little diamonds are placed around the central stone. It will be as if she’s wearing a brand new diamond ring around her ring finger.

Coloured diamonds

Coloured diamonds are still in high demand. Not only because they look stunning, especially in an engagement ring, but also as a status symbol. If you opt for colour, choose a coloured diamond that suits both her personality and the ring you have chosen for her. Adding a coloured diamond gives the white or colourless diamond a new ambience. They reflect the light in a different way and take over the colour of the added diamond in a subtle way.


By flanking the central stone with two diamonds, you create a trilogy engagement ring. Three diamonds in a row, who would not love that? An important thing to note is that either the three diamonds should be the same size, or the central stone should be a little bigger. That way, you create a nice balance.

If you are looking for a beautiful diamond engagement ring to propose to your girlfriend with, we would be glad to help. Also, feel free to browse through our extensive collection. If you have any questions or concerns, do not hesitate to contact us.

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