You just love great classics in matter of music, films and ways of living your life, that is why you really feel drawn to the wonderful classic solitaire ring. Yet again, this being your second engagement, you wish to personalise it to make it more unique to you and your soon-to-be fiancée. Here’s how:

  • Choosing a different diamond shape
  • Choosing a different setting
  • Why not go for a fancy coloured diamond

Choosing a different diamond shape

We all know the ultimate classic solitaire is often either a round or a princess cut diamond. But if you wish to stand out a little, why not pick a cushion, a pear, an oval or even an Ascher cut? These shapes ultimately have the same aura as rounds and princess cuts but we can see that they are slightly uncommon and will therefore guarantee a special effect.

You do need to take into account your beloved’s tastes in matter of shapes though, as some women do prefer rounder to more angular stones and vice-versa. That will of course influence the shape you finally choose considerably.

Choosing a different setting

The most popular setting of all times is the 4 to 6 prong setting as it is the setting that uses the least amount of metal to hold a stone, thereby showing more of the stone itself. But there are other settings to choose from that could personalise the ring a little more such as the bezel or half bezel settings and more creative one-of-a-kind setting tailor made by you and for you with a jewellery designer.

The bezel and half bezel involve a thin strip of metal that surrounds the stone at its girdle, holding it in place. It is a very safe and secure setting which is perfect for everyday wear.

Why not go for a fancy coloured diamond

The classic solitaire is set with a dazzling colourless diamond, which we all know has a fabulous appeal and will always continue to be popular throughout the years. But have you ever considered purchasing a fancy coloured diamond? Colours range from the yellows, to browns, to pinks and purple, orange and green or even black and white.

If you know your partner’s favourite colour and have the budget for it, you have to give fancy colours a try. You will always have the brilliance and lustre of the diamond, but the fancy colour just gives it that extra something special.

You can find on BAUNAT’s online catalogue all of the options mentioned above and BAUNAT offers a comprehensive tailor made service which will guide you from the first drawing to the manufacturing of the ring.

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