• Plan your marriage proposal
  • Dare to make an original marriage proposal
  • A unique marriage proposal that suits your personality


Do you want to make a grand marriage proposal without going over the top? You want your partner to say yes, but what you would most like is for your chosen one to remember that magic moment for the rest of her life?

Keep in mind that if you include details about your relationship, your marriage proposal will be personalised and therefore unique.

Plan your marriage proposal

Asking for a woman's hand in marriage is one of the most important things a man can do in his life. Once her father's blessing is won according to tradition, you are ready to ask for the hand of your future wife.

Make it a story to tell, make it an unforgettable memory!

A unique marriage proposal that suits your personality

Don't copy someone else's idea, come up with your own idea to make your proposal a success. Read our article on the two colour engagement ring, which by definition combines two colours.

A marriage proposal on one knee

An unpredictable and unexpected marriage proposal adds excitement to this beautiful moment. There is no more immediately recognisable romantic gesture than going down on one knee.

Most women love this gesture of love, the tradition in a classic marriage proposal. Read our article on how to personalise your engagement ring. Indeed, it's possible to have rings engraved, combine precious metals or add a diamond.

Some women would like to see their best friends and family attend the event, while others would prefer a private and intimate setting with you alone. Remember that every woman is different so make your marriage proposal fit her desires and her personality.

Looking for advice on the perfect engagement ring? Call BAUNAT now to discuss your proposal and the choice of engagement ring.

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