There’s a lot of talk in newspapers, magazines, blogs, articles and so forth about the importance of investing your money and investing it smartly, but what does that actually mean?

  • Know your product and the market
  • Know how to diversify your portfolio
  • Why diamonds are smart

Know your product and the market

Investing is one thing and investing smartly is another. Although information about investing and how to, is readily available through the internet, through consultants at banks and brokers, investing smartly is not an easy task because it does not necessarily mean higher returns.

It also means that there is a certain security, that there is a long-term return and that there is a continuous interest and value goes up.

There are few assets that could be considered to fit perfectly the above mentioned criteria, and those are the ones that are considered smart such as gold, platinum and diamonds.

Before entering into any investment portfolio though it is good to gain knowledge regarding the asset, from general knowledge of what it actually is, to in depth knowledge about the market prices over the past 5 years to grasp the potential of it. Of course, talking to a professional is the best way forward ultimately, but going in with some information does look more invested and professional.

Know how to diversify your portfolio

Another important aspect when thinking of investing is not to invest everything you have into one asset only and to diversify. Diversifying gives us a little more security in case one or the other investment didn't work out as well as predicted and it also allows you to get rid of part of your portfolio if you need extra cash without having to sell everything.

Why diamonds are smart

In the past decade diamonds have proven to be great assets for investment purposes for various reasons. Diamonds have observed long term profitability and their prices have strong crisis resistance. Adding the fact that there are laboratories with worldwide recognition that certify diamonds, there is a maximum guarantee regarding the grade and quality of the diamond.

And last but not least, the emotional value that can be attached to diamonds is important. They are physical and not virtual, they are beautiful and can actually be worn while still being an investment.

What isn’t there to like?

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