• What are subtle hints I can give?
  • How can I work it into the conversation?
  • What if we have something special to celebrate this Valentine's Day?

Valentine's Day is the perfect time to show your partner how important he or she is to you. Romantic dinners, watching a movie together: the one night a year that is really all yours. Of course, it is not about gifts, but some gifts will take your evening to another level. Which gift is really meaningful? Right. Diamonds. But he might not know how much such a jewel would mean to you. How do I make it subtly clear to him? With our tips.

What are subtle hints I can give?

With the digital world at your feet, the perfect gift is just a click away. Personalized advertising is everywhere. So a first step is simply to visit the right online jewellers. That way, he gets the same ads as you do, and he knows immediately that he is better off buying diamonds jewellery online. What if he does not notice? A less subtle step may be to leave certain tabs open or to add favourites to his browser when he is not looking.

Still not enough? Then you can do something more assertive, by sharing your favourite online jeweller on social media or 'accidentally' emailing it to him. 

How can I work it into the conversation?

If the visual hints do not work, you may go one step further. He does not buy diamond jewellery every day, so chances are he would not even know where to start. With certain hints in daily conversations, you not only show that you want him to buy diamond jewellery, but also immediately which jewellery he should choose. This way, you can easily emphasize how beautiful you find the jewellery you are looking at or, on the contrary, that such a ring is really not for you.

The chances are good that he will quickly learn what you want and which jewellery you like the most.

What if we have something special to celebrate this Valentine's Day?

For a special Valentine, a special gift is of course needed. What if I really want a set with different diamond jewellery? How do I get diamond jewellery with a significant birthstone? Even then you can help fate along in a variety of ways. Say what a shame you think it is that your jewellery does not match. You can also supplement items that you already have. He will buy diamond jewellery more quickly if you say it would match the engagement ring that he chose for you.

How do I help him choose the right ring? What if I do not find the ideal diamond jewellery in the broad range? Ask the BAUNAT diamond experts for advice, with no obligation to purchase.

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