• Visual or textual engravings for your wedding rings
  • Original engravings for unique wedding rings
  • The rules to bear in mind to engrave your wedding rings

Wedding rings are true symbols of the love and commitment of a couple who have decided to join together in matrimony for ever and ever. Even if you will keep memories of this great day that is the wedding, wedding rings will be the only symbols you will always carry with you.

Engraving texts or symbols is thus seen as the best way to make your wedding rings unique and original. So, how to engrave your wedding rings so that they are true symbols of your union?

Engraving for your wedding rings: romantic texts or symbols 

It is customary to engrave your wedding rings, but the inscription or the symbol engraved on it depends on each couple. The most classic engravings are the names and initials of each spouse.

Sometimes people also opt for the date of the wedding or the date of their first meeting. The usual romantic messages, such as "With you forever", "For eternity" or "I love you forever" are classics that never go out of style. But when engraving your wedding rings, everything is possible and feasible. Just trust in a jeweller such as BAUNAT.

Original engravings for unique wedding rings

If you want to personalise your wedding rings, then originality is the key. During the time you have spent together, surely you have  a special spot, so why not have your wedding rings engraved with its GPS coordinates?

In terms of symbols, you can engrave your wedding rings with the symbol of infinity to mark the eternal aspect of your union and your love. Read our article on how to engrave a message on a ring.

The rules to bear in mind to engrave your wedding rings

While the only limit on what to engrave is your imagination, there are nevertheless a few limitations to take into account. Indeed, it is important to take into account the number of characters, the font and not to mention the design of the ring.

Engravings will also need to consider the circumference and width of the ring so that it can accommodate the length and size of the message. If you are told that it is difficult to engrave rings set with diamonds, you can always take advice from an expert in wedding rings. Jeweller BAUNAT is at your side to inspire you and offer you the best solutions for engraving your wedding rings according to your wishes. Contact us to discuss your plans.

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