For some years now, combining items of clothing or jewellery that don't actually match according to traditional ideas has been very trendy. Mix and match is often colourful, sometimes quirky, but can also look classy and still playful. Let us show you how to combine earrings perfectly

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Where does the mix and match trend come from?

Mix & Match means "to combine freely", i.e. different pieces of jewellery that can be worn together and combined as desired. This trend started in homes, where unconventional and very individualistic mixes of furniture from different style eras, different fabrics and surface materials, often in very bold colours and with unusual patterns, came into fashion around 2016.

At the same time, some very well-known fashion houses also drew attention to themselves with very spectacular outfits and style breaks in mix & match style, especially the eccentric fashion brand Gucci, who has always had a reputation for spectacular surprises.

Only shortly afterwards, the wild mix also conquered the jewellery market, initially mainly in the form of stackable rings, later also other pieces of jewellery, such as earrings or ear studs.


Diamond earrings from BAUNAT - Diamond earrings for mix and match combinations
Actually, the trend that seems so modern, like many things in fashion, jewellery and accessories, is much older than most people think. In works of art and the dresses of the 18th and 19th centuries, we often find elements that are characteristic of mix & match, mixtures of very different patterns, strong colours, unusual combinations.

Which earrings or studs are suitable for mixing & matching?

You can either buy ready-made pairs of earrings specially designed for mixing and matching, or you can combine existing pieces of jewellery with new ones. If you are looking for a very special design, there is always the possibility of a tailor-made production according to your wishes and ideas.

n principle, all earrings are suitable for mix & match as long as they have enough in common, for example the precious metal, individual design elements, the colour of the gemstones or the style period from which they originate. The art of such combinations is diversity with a common denominator. Mixtures that are too wild quickly look exaggerated. Ear studs and earrings, for example, are difficult to wear together unless they are from the same collection.

If you combine earrings according to the Mix and Match principle, make sure you have a rather understated outfit so that the jewellery pieces can be shown off to their best advantage and they can attract the attention they deserve. Especially eye-catching earrings or diamond studs will put you in the centre of attention.

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Diamond earrings from BAUNAT - Diamond earrings for mix and match combinations

What should I rather avoid when mixing and matching?

With this trend, there is a fine line between a sensational, spectacular outfit and combinations that look more carnivalesque. If you want to put the focus on your clothes, you should be a little more restrained with the jewellery. If you wear a striking jewellery combination, the clothes should not be too wildly mixed.
Mix & Match is an exciting playground for your own ideas and offers the opportunity to finally wear jewellery or clothes that have so far had to stay on the back seat of your wardrobe or jewellery box. Be brave, but make sure that the overall picture is coherent and Mix and Match will give you a lot of pleasure.

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