You have finally decided the time is there to slide a diamond engagement ring over her ring finger. After all, any proposal comes with a beautiful ring. Whether the man chooses to buy the engagement ring on his own or you plan to visit the jeweler as a couple, here are 5 steps you need to follow when choosing the perfect engagement ring:

1. Style

For the men who decide to buy a ring by themselves, take the following rule into account: choose a style that matches her current style. If she has a vintage style, Art Deco designs could be very nice. If she is rather traditional, go for a diamond solitaire engagement ring, a true classic. However, if you can’t see the wood for the trees anymore, you can always find some inspiration on Instagram, Pinterest, etc…

It is easier to search for the ideal ring as a couple. Before you make your choice, try out many different styles. Nowadays the number of different choices you can make is very high. If she still cannot find what she wants, you can always contact us for a tailor made engagement ring.

2. Diamond shape

When choosing an engagement ring, you primarily focus on the shape of the diamond(s). Does she like a classic brilliant? Or rather a (more modern) princess cut? There are also a number of other more extravagant diamond shapes. Here it is important to take a look at the shape of her (ring) finger. For ladies with slender fingers for example, pear and oval shaped diamonds are the ideal choice. If you would like multiple diamonds, then maybe a trilogy engagement ring is the best option. You can also choose different shapes. Does she love the princess cut and the brilliant cut? Then choose a beautiful ring with matching brilliant earrings.

3. Quality

Usually a rather difficult choice: do you want to go for a big diamond of somewhat lower quality or a smaller stone that shines brighter? We always recommend good quality diamonds. It is not the size that matters, an engagement ring should first of all be beautiful.

4. Which precious metal?

Nowadays platinum and white gold are the most popular precious metals, but yellow and red gold are high demand as well. If you have some room in your budget to spare, it is advisable to choose platinum, a durable precious metal where diamonds will truly shine.

5. The budget

Before you choose an engagement ring, it is important to know what the budget is. On average, a man spends 3 times the amount of his monthly salary on an engagement ring. But most importantly, buy a ring that she will like, even it is more expensive or cheaper. It is an investment for life, so whatever the budget, spend it, you will not regret it.

At BAUNAT we have a large collection of diamond engagement rings, and we are happy to help you find the perfect ring.

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