• At BAUNAT you will find a set of jewellery that are ideal for a wedding.
  • A set of jewellery with diamonds are very trendy.
  • The set of jewellery should be chosen based on your outfit. 

Do you like a set of jewellery that gives the finishing touch to your outfit and have you already spotted one you like? For some people, choosing a set of jewellery is not an easy task. No panic, here are some tips on how to choose and wear these types of accessories.

A set of jewellery according to the occasion and your personality

A set ofjewellery is chic and glamorous. With their symbol of eternal love and purity, they are the perfect design for the real romantics and those who love things that shine. Symbolically, a set of jewellery is perfect for a wedding occasion or for your 60th wedding anniversary. A diamond is magnificent thanks to its quality, its size and its brilliance which rainbow when exposed to light.

Bring a little exoticism to your outfit and choose a beautiful set of diamond jewellery. Generally, diamonds are available in colours such as white, cream or pink, but you can also find diamonds in other colours. If you want to stand out, purchase a red golden set with diamonds. Simple and original, a diamond set of jewellery adds colour and character to any basic outfit.

How to wear a set of jewellery?

In general, you have to wear a set of jewellery according to the design of the outfit, your morphology and the occasion.

All necklaces are suitable for a strapless dress. Moreover, it is important to choose a few jewels according to the outfit that you are wearing. For example, if the sleeve of your dress is long, it is better not to wear a bracelet.

As for the earrings, if your hair is loose and only a couple locks fall around your face, opt for a design that is at least 3 centimeters long. On the other hand, if you tie your hair up, there are more possibilities.

Would you like more information about a BAUNAT set of jewellery? You can always contact one of our experts who will answer all your questions. 

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