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  • How to buy a diamond bracelet that suits me? Choosing the right size and shape.
  • Having your diamond bracelet tailor-made.
  • What are the options for men?

Diamond bracelets have become essential accessories and an integral part of women’s jewellery boxes.  If carefully chosen, bracelets add a touch of elegance and sparkle in an instant to any of your outfits, without being too ostentatious. Here are some useful tips that can answer your question about how to buy a diamond bracelet and can help you with your purchase.

How to buy a diamond bracelet that suits me? Choosing the right size and shape.

A diamond bracelet, necklace and ring parure from the Nathu collection by BAUNAT.

Click on the image directly to view this beautiful rigid diamond bracelet from the NATHU collection.

When buying a diamond bracelet, just like with rings, you do need to be aware of the size of your wrist. Then, depending on the design you wish to purchase, you may have to choose a slightly smaller or larger size, knowing that the average bracelet length for a woman ranges from 18 to 21 cm.

For instance, if you decide to buy a diamond bangle because you love its rigidity and it corresponds better to your lifestyle, then you should choose the right fit, because if it too large it may fall off and get caught into things and if it is too tight, it may feel uncomfortable on your wrist. If you prefer more delicate chain and solitaire diamond bracelets, then you should choose a bracelet that is just 1 to 2 cm longer than your wrist size.

Having your diamond bracelet tailor-made.

Designing your very own diamond bracelet not only ensures you have the perfect fit for your wrist but it also ensures you have a design that corresponds to your character and lifestyle.

The tailor making process for bracelets involves either bringing to the jeweller a drawing of the  bracelet or choosing from the standard collection they offer as a base, choosing the metal colour, the right size and the precious stones to set in the bracelet. Then the jeweller’s role is to translate your aspirations and preferences into the creation of your one-of-a-kind tailor made bracelet.

A classic diamond tennis bracelet with a matching eternity ring by BAUNAT.

View this timeless diamond tennis bracelet by clicking on the image.

What are the options for men?

An elegant man waiting to find the perfect pieces of jewellery for him by BAUNAT

For the past years, men have been increasingly keen on wearing jewellery in particular bracelets and watches. Regarding bracelets, black diamond bracelets or a discreet gourmette chain bracelet may be modern and masculine options. It is good to note that men’s bracelets average size ranges from 20 to 23cm.

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Are you wondering how to buy a diamond bracelet? BAUNAT is a leading fine diamond jeweller online offering a beautiful collection of bracelets and more. Do not hesitate to browse through our online collections of diamond bracelets and to contact us should you have any question or need guidance with your purchase.

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