A diamond bracelet instantly adds loads of femininity and elegance to a simple outfit. It is always important that the colour of the precious metal and the precious stones fit your style, and for the bracelet to be the perfect size. How do you buy a matching diamond bracelet? We give you advice in this blog.

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The history of the bracelet

Bracelets go way back in time. About 7,000 years ago, the ancient Egyptians, Mesopotamians and Greeks already wore bracelets. Not made of precious metal as is the case now, but made of long grass, flexible branches and shells. Sometimes, they were also given an added decorative touch of gold. Bracelets then had a symbolic meaning and were a sign of status and wealth. Unfortunately, in the Middle Ages, they sometimes indicated ownership of a slave.
A kiss on the hand feels good, but a diamond and sapphire bracelet lasts forever
The Egyptians already combined precious metals and precious stones in beautiful jewellery. They also buried bracelets with their owners as protection after death. The Greeks and Romans mainly saw a bracelet as a status symbol. For instance, they often wore a bracelet in the form of a snake to afford them strength and protection in battle.
Indian women wear cuff bracelets to indicate they are married. – BAUNAT
In certain cultures, bracelets are also used to worship the gods. Indian women wear a bracelet to indicate they are married. In Latin America, bracelets are said to provide protection against the Evil Eye.

Which well-known styles are there?

Bracelets exist in a variety of styles. Depending on your personal preference and style, you may go for a wide bracelet or a very fine one, one that is studded all over with small diamonds, or one with a solitaire diamond. We introduce you to three styles from BAUNAT's collection.
Woman wearing BAUNAT tennis bracelet

The tennis bracelet

No jewellery collection is complete without a beautiful tennis bracelet. This type is a quite fine bracelet with diamonds placed close to each other across the entire length. The diamonds can be positioned on the bracelet in a variety of settings. By working with different settings, precious metals and precious stones, you will find diamond tennis bracelets in different styles.

Browse the BAUNAT tennis bracelet collection here

Not surprisingly, the name has its roots in tennis. This style of bracelet was made world famous by former tennis player Chris Evert. During a match at the 1987 U.S. Open, she lost the bracelet. She refused to play any further until she found her stylish diamond bracelet.
The name of the cuff bracelet originates from slaver. These days, this diamond bracelet is a style item. – BAUNAT

The cuff bracelet

The slave bracelet carries a tragic history. The name comes from the shackles that African and Caribbean slaves used to wear. The bracelets were often engraved to identify the owner of the slave in question.
A modern cuff bracelet is a rather thin bracelet that may be open or closed. The bracelet may or may not be set with diamonds or other precious stones. In recent years, this model has clearly gained popularity due to its simplicity and style, which is radiated by the jewellery. A cuff bracelet with black diamonds, for example, is also an excellent bracelet for men.

The satellite bracelet

A satellite bracelet is a very thin bracelet with diamonds. In most models there are small dots scattered around the band. With a bit of imagination, they look like satellites floating around the Earth.

How do I wear a diamond bracelet?

Wearing jewellery involves a lot of unwritten rules. With diamond bracelets, that's no different. Your skin tone and your physique, among other things, will determine which bracelets will suit you perfectly and which are less suitable. In addition, you will also learn which other precious stones or coloured diamonds will elevate your beautiful bracelet to an even higher level.

But what wrist should a women wear a bracelet? In truth, there isn’t really a correct wrist on which a woman should wear bracelets, though traditionally you wear a watch on your non-dominant wrist, so you may wish to wear your bracelet on the other. 
Order your tailor-made bracelet in the perfect precious metal with a coloured diamond
Bracelets in white gold and platinum really are timeless and suits any style. Be sure to read our blog about the difference between white gold and platinum to discover the secrets of these precious metals.

What diamond bracelet do I buy based on my physique?

Women with a very slender wrist should rather choose a petite model. A satellite bracelet or chain bracelet, for instance, is ideal for them. A thin tennis bracelet is certainly an option too. Heavy jewellery makes your wrists seem even thinner and distort the balance.
Woman with a yellow gold diamond bracelet and ring from BAUNAT
Are you built a little heavier or do you have wide wrists? Then you should rather buy a wide diamond bracelet too. For example, the bracelet in this photo: a beautiful wide bracelet with a floral design.

Discover this bracelet in the Flowers collection here

Bracelets with coloured diamonds or other precious stones

Coloured diamonds and other precious stones can give a bracelet just that tad more character. It's definitely a great idea to give such a bracelet as a gift. Every month has a birthstone. For example, a diamond is the birthstone for April, the emerald is the stone for May, a ruby is reserved for birthdays in July and the sapphire is the stone for September.

So, your sweetheart has a birthday in July? It's an excellent idea to give her a bracelet with rubies.

Find your birthstone

What determines a BAUNAT bracelet's price?

BAUNAT's diamond bracelets are available in different price ranges. How much the bracelet costs depends to a large extent on the amount of precious metal used. For example, a wide bracelet will be more expensive than a fine chain bracelet.

Of course, the total carat weight of diamonds also plays a role. Many small diamonds with a total weight of 1 carat generally cost less than 1 diamond weighing 1 carat.

Diamond bracelet as an investment

Buying a diamond bracelet at BAUNAT is not only an investment in your style, it is also a financial investment. Diamonds are an excellent alternative long-term investment form. They are not really affected by the fluctuating financial markets and therefore provide certainty.
How to buy a diamond bracelet as an investment? Look at the 4 C's. - BAUNAT
Not every diamond bracelet is suitable as an investment. The right investment diamond is not the largest or rarest, but a high quality diamond. Diamonds that serve perfectly as an investment weigh between 1 and 6 carats, have a colour grading of at least D, E, F or G and a clarity grading between Flawless and VS2. Make sure to keep in mind the 4 C’s when buying a diamond.

How do I buy a diamond bracelet in the right size?

A diamond bracelet should not hang loose, because you don't want to lose your precious jewellery. At the same time, it should fit comfortably, so you can wear your diamond jewellery every day. Certain bracelets can be made larger or smaller with links. For some bracelets, this is not possible due to the detailed design, for instance.
The ideal size of a bracelet is your wrist circumference plus 2 centimetres
How do you measure the size for your diamond bracelet? Very simple: wrap a tape measure around your wrist and write down the circumference. Add 1 to 2 centimetres, so your bracelet doesn't fit too tight. The average size of diamond bracelets for women is between 19 and 21 cm. To be sure, visit a jeweller who will measure your size and manufacture your jewellery completely to measure.

On what occasions do I give a diamond bracelet?

A beautiful bracelet suits all occasions, although you don't need a special occasion to give your loved one a beautiful diamond bracelet as a gift.
Woman with a diamond bracelet from BAUNAT opens a box of cookies
You can for instance give your mother or your partner a bracelet for Mother's Day. Make it extra special by engraving a loving message or finish it off with your mom's or your partner's birthstone. A bracelet with a (coloured) diamond or another precious stone is an excellent gift for your partner's birthday or your wedding anniversary. For example, emeralds are used to celebrate the 40th wedding anniversary and diamonds the 60th wedding anniversary.

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In addition, you can also buy a diamond bracelet as a gift for a communion or surprise your loved one just before your wedding ceremony. She will undoubtedly be overwhelmed.

Why buy a diamond bracelet at BAUNAT?

In our online shop, the prices of diamond jewellery are up to 30 to 50% lower than in a physical store. We save costs because of our unique approach, where we don't hold large stocks and we buy our diamonds directly from the source. You will notice these elements in our prices. BAUNAT always has jewellery at the best value for money.
Man slijpt diamant voor een diamanten armband van BAUNAT Antwerpen
All our diamond jewellery are of high quality and are hand-crafted in the diamond capital par excellence: Antwerp. Buying a diamond bracelet by BAUNAT in Antwerp is therefore an absolute must. More than 2,500 customers already rated us with 5 stars on Trustpilot. That makes us number 1 in the jewellery industry.

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