Would you like to get engaged and are you thinking of celebrating the engagement properly? Would you prefer a twosome engagement followed by a glittering wedding or two separate  parties? Find out how an engagement is often celebrated and how you could organize your event.

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    A big engagement and wedding party?

    When couples are asked how they would like to celebrate their wedding, the answer is almost always with a big party with friends and the whole family. A wedding is the perfect occasion for a memorable celebration. And what about the engagement?

    It depends entirely on you, whether you would like to celebrate your engagement in a big way or in a intimate setting just the two of you.  Most couples decide against a big celebration due to the cost and they prefer to invest a little more in a lavish engagement ring or perhaps is an engagement ring for him. Also, If the proposal is meant to be a surprise, then it is very difficult to keep such an event secret, especially when many guests are involved and someone might leak out the plan.  
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    What are the advantages and disadvantages of an engagement party?

    In many cultures, engagement parties were and still are a popular tradition. This has some practical advantages. A celebration offers a beautiful and informal setting for both families to get to know each other better. In the past it was customary for the parents of the future bride and groom to host the celebration today, that custom is hardly practiced.

    However, if you wish to celebrate the engagement, you can also use this occasion as a substitute to the classic wedding-eve party, which can make the days before the wedding a little more relaxed.

    There is usually no time to plan such a party shortly after the engagement and maybe some guests have a long journey ahead. The planning of the engagement party also overlaps with the planning of the wedding.

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    How to organize an engagement party?

    Most couples celebrate an engagement quite casually, either at home, e.g. in their own garden in the summer or in a nice restaurant. In contrast to weddings, where "Save the Date" cards and invitations are sent out, written invitations are unusual. Many opt for an informal notification by e-mail or phone.

    The easiest way to provide your guests with food and drinks at home is a caterer. Buffets or a barbecue are ideally suited for an engagement party and engagement brunches are also becoming increasingly popular. At the beginning of an engagement party, either the groom-to-be or the father of the bride-to-be should give a short speech. In contrast to the wedding, games are not absolutely necessary, but are still popular with many guests. Especially if you are celebrating with children, small interruptions are welcome.
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