The solitaire ring that is always number 1 in the top 5 most popular engagement rings. Men play it safe with that, but it is good to look for the right ring. After all, the timeless solitaire comes in many sizes and shapes. What should you pay attention to? You will find out here.

Tip:  Look at the different models and settings of solitaire rings.


Why buy a solitaire ring?

Buying a solitaire ring is not guaranteed to be perfect, this diamond ring has seven elegant shapes and can be worn with any outfit. It doesn't seem that difficult to buy a simple ring, but nothing could be further from the truth.

Which ring fits with the rest of her jewellery? What did she let you know beforehand about shape, colour and other preferences? What colours of precious metal does she like? If you know that, you can safely go ring hunting.
The same BAUNAT ring with different carats next to each other

Which diamond should I choose?

A solitaire ring has a single diamond. It is important that it draws all the attention. The size depends entirely on your budget. Is that rather limited? Then don't be tempted by a large stone of lesser quality, but go for a higher quality smaller diamond. It will sparkle more, because the higher the quality, the more beautiful the sparkle!
The same BAUNAT ring with different carats next to each other
It's not the size of the diamond that counts, but the quality that determines the 4 C's. Which diamond shape you ultimately choose depends on her taste. Every woman has a favourite. Don't forget the choice of setting: with 4 or 6 prongs, or rather bezel? That partly determines the appearance of the ring.
The same BAUNAT ring with different carats next to each other

Which precious metal should you choose for her engagement ring?

White gold and platinum are the most popular precious metals. They have various advantages. Platinum is more durable, but traditional white gold is ideal for a (more) limited budget. Both have a rather cool look. Yellow and red gold are warmer in color. The choice of precious metal is mainly determined by the personal style and taste of your bride-to-be.

Yellow gold looks more classic, white gold and platinum are timeless precious metals and red gold is extremely suitable for the more flambouyant lady.

Which ring size should I choose?

Although more and more couples are now choosing the engagement ring together, most men still go ring hunting alone to surprise her. How can I choose the right size? There are some precautions for this. The easiest way to surprise her is to take a ring to the jeweller that you know fits her. But you have to know that for sure.

A second, and even more reliable, way is with the free BAUNAT ring sizer. You can order a plastic version online or print one on paper.

Tip: Order a free plastic ring sizer now or download ring sizer.

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