The solitaire ring is still the number one in the top five of the most popular engagement rings, and thus a safe choice for men. However, we don’t blame them. A solitaire ring is not only beautiful; this diamond ring also has a timeless elegance and can be worn with any kind of outfit. That’s why women love it. You might think it’s not so hard to buy such a ring, but nothing is less true. You should take some important aspects into account. Which one? You will learn by reading this.

The diamond

A solitaire ring has one single diamond. It is therefore important that this diamond draws all the attention. How big the stone is, depends entirely on your budget. If this is rather limited, don’t be tempted to buy a bigger diamond with lower quality, but opt for a high quality smaller diamond. This diamond will shine more, because the higher the quality, the better the glare! In short, it is not the size of the diamond that counts, but its quality, which is determined by the 4 C’s; carat, clarity, colour and cut.

Besides the traditional brilliant, each diamond shape can be set in a solitaire ring. Which shape you eventually choose depends on your personality. There is a diamond shape for each type of woman. Also the choice of the setting is important; 4 or 6 claws, or rather a bezel setting? This choice ultimately affects the appearance of the diamond ring.

The precious metal

Currently, gold and platinum are the most popular precious metals. Both have their advantages and disadvantages. First of all, platinum is quite pricey and gold fades quickly. Secondly, platinum is more durable than gold and ideal for those with a small(er) budget. Both precious metals have a rather cool appearance. Yellow and red gold come out as warmer colours. The choice of the precious metal is mainly determined by the personal style and taste of your girlfriend. Yellow gold has a classic look, while red gold is ideal for extravagant types and white gold and platinum are timeless.

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