There are many reasons why people want to adjust their diamond ring. One lost weight, the other gains weight, so the ring became too loose or too tight. Some want to wear it on a different finger. Whatever the reason might be, let always a professional reduce or enlarge your ring. Never start to mess with it yourself. This way you avoid damage, and panic attacks.  

Before you customize a diamond ring, you have to determine whether it is too tight or too loose. A perfectly fitting ring can slide easily on the finger, but struggles a little bit when taking off. In this case, you don´t have to adjust it. In principle, a ring can be enlarged or reduced up to 4 sizes.

How to reduce?

Reducing the size of a diamond ring is relatively simple, especially in comparison with enlarging. It is a simple procedure in which we take out a piece of precious metal and expertly put everything together. Soldering causes oxidation. Therefore the ring will be thoroughly cleaned afterwards. After that the ring will be polished to remove any visible sign of reducing. 

How to enlarge?

Depending on how much the ring should be enlarged, it can be done in 2 ways. For example, a diamond ring can be gently stretched, up to half a size. This depends on the type of ring and the type of precious metal. However if the diamond ring needs to be bigger, one has to add a piece of precious metal. Here it is also important that all visible signs of enlarging are removed. The ring will be thoroughly cleaned and polished, so it looks ‘healthy’ again.

Difficult models

Some models are difficult to adjust. Think of the eternity ring which is fully set with diamonds, but also rings with a pronounced pattern are difficult to reduce or to enlarge. Know that any adjustment is done in consultation. Together we definitely find a solution.

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