For decades, we have heard of various rules regarding the amount that should be spent by a future fiancé for a diamond engagement ring. From the idea that it should represent a certain percentage of your income, to the fact that it should cost at least €1000-1500. The most common perception since decades being that the ring should cost three month’s salary. Here are two factors that women find important when calculating the cost of a diamond engagement ring.

  • Depending on the financial situation
  • Depending on the woman’s and couple’s beliefs and values.

Depending on the financial situation

Many women have been thinking about their engagement and wedding day for a very long time. Although they do want the most perfect ring from you as a symbol of love and your relationship, it does not mean it has to cost thousands of dollars, euros or pounds.

Most women dream of a romantic proposal, with a ring that symbolises them as a couple. But that does not mean that they do not take into account the financial situation their partner and they as a couple are in. Because one needs to be realistic.

The brides-to-be are the ones that wear the ring every day and whether they own many pieces of jewellery or not, their diamond engagement ring will always be the most important piece of jewellery they own. Which is why it needs to be chosen carefully and with love, depending on the budget you have for it.

Depending on the woman’s and couple’s tastes and values

Another factor that seems increasingly more important to women today, are the values and beliefs the couple live with. For example, it makes no sense for a woman who does not particularly love or wear jewellery daily, to buy an ostentatious diamond engagement ring that will only make her uncomfortable.

If we take this one step further, and for instance you are very environmentally friendly and are looking for ethically mined diamonds and metals; when purchasing the ring, you need to make sure your partner knows the companies that provide this ethical guarantee and know where the good are sourced from.

The values you cherish as a couple seem to play a more important role today than they did a couple of decades ago, where people tended to follow the overall rules and ideas that society was portraying then.

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