Are you uncertain about what size of diamond earrings you should buy? Are you looking for ear studs that look prestigious without spending a fortune? The size of the diamond(s) alone is not the deciding factor; the design also plays a major role. Discover which earrings or stud earrings are perfect for you or your loved one in this guide.

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What is the ideal carat weight for diamond earrings?

Compared to rings, there are far more design possibilities with earrings because they are not bound to the round shape of a ring band. So even with relatively few and small diamonds, embedded in the right design, spectacular earrings can be created, such as these flower diamond earrings of just over 0.5 carat.

For earrings, the total carat weight of the diamonds is usually given, so you have to divide the information by two to get the carat weight of each earring. This is particularly relevant if you are looking for earrings with one stone each.

With solitaire stud earrings, it depends on whether you have several pierced holes and want to use the stud to accentuate them or wear them alone. Between 0.15 to about 0.5 carats total, the diamonds are both very small and sparkly, but are hardly recognisable as such at a distance, as they are about the size of the head of a pin.
Diamond stud earrings with 1 carat each - Diamond stud earrings each 1 carat, total 2 carats, by BAUNAT
With 1 carat diamond stud earrings, i.e. 0.5 carat per earring, the diamond is more noticeable — a beautiful size that is neither too small nor too prominent. 2 carat diamond earrings (in total) look very harmonious on the earlobe and are definitely noticeable. If the ears are larger or the ear holes are higher, 3, 4 or even 5 carat diamond earrings can still look very beautiful, but the ear studs will be very visible.

How can I save money on diamond earrings?

The carat size of your diamond earrings is not the only decisive feature for their beauty. The carat weight is only one of the four important characteristics, also known as the 4Cs of diamonds — carat, cut, colour and clarity. A very large diamond in the pale colour grade O with strong, large inclusions looks much less beautiful than a smaller, pure white diamond in colour grade E with inclusions not visible to the eye.
Diamond stud earrings with 1 carat each - Diamond stud earrings each 1 carat, total 2 carats, by BAUNAT
On the other hand, the diamond does not need to be flawless with the best D colour grade and an excellent cut for your earrings to look perfect. They should neither be as large as possible in low quality, nor rather small in the highest possible quality. You will get the best price-quality ratio with a perfect appearance in the range of colour grades G and H and a clarity of SI1 and VS2. Apart from a real diamond expert with a jeweller's loupe, no one will notice the difference, and you will save a significant sum at the same time.

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How can I make diamond earrings look bigger?

Do you want your 0.5 carat diamond earrings to look more like 1 carat without costing as much as 2 carat earrings? Then you should definitely take a look at Halo earrings.

Halo earrings make use of a tried and tested little trick. A halo, a circle of very small diamonds, is set around the central diamond. They directly border the stone in the centre, not only supporting its fire and sparkle, but also making it appear bigger.

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