From the moment you consider proposing to your beloved, a major concern is which engagement ring to choose. Depending on your future fiancé’s style, a ring can be quite expensive.  Before embarking on your journey to the perfect diamond engagement ring, you should prepare your bank account for such an investment. 

But how much should you spend on an engagement ring? To get an idea of the value of an engagement ring, here is some important information to consider before your purchase.

Why Choose an Expensive Engagement Ring?

Love has no value, but the value of an engagement ring can sometimes be significant. The price of an engagement ring lies in its quality. Indeed, the most expensive models highlight the best materials available. But how much should an engagement ring cost?

In general, the most expensive diamond solitaires feature larger diamonds with flawless cut and clarity.  For some couples, the larger the diamond, the more meaningful the engagement. However, it's important not to forget that the ring is only a symbol marking the event and that there are models to suit every budget.

The Criteria Determining the Engagement Ring Price

An engagement ring’s value varies from one model to another. The prices set by jewellery stores are based on various criteria that make a ring more or less expensive. The aspects jewellers consider when determining a ring’s value include:

  • The gemstone quality Whether the ring has one or more precious stones, you should check their quality to find out if the price is right. To do this, couples can refer to the four Cs: carat, cut, clarity and colour, which determine the characteristics of gemstones. Thus, a ring with several stones will not necessarily have the same price as a very high-quality diamond solitaire.

  • The quality of metals. Prices also vary between gold, silver or platinum and depend on the composition of the precious metals used to make the engagement ring. Among the most common are 750 (18-carat) gold and 925 (92.5% purity) silver, which are affordable for all budgets. Platinum is considered the most expensive material.

Apart from the main features, the ring value can also differ depending on the brand or its place of purchase. The same applies to the design because some models are rarer than others, which creates an important contrast.

The Average Budget for an Engagement Ring

Buying an engagement ring is an expression of your love and commitment. As a result, it is difficult to determine the most appropriate amount to spend on a quality ring. Click on this page to find out how to evaluate the diamond of an engagement ring.

While some will spend several months' salary, others will opt for simplicity. In all cases, the most important thing is to please your partner so she says yes to your proposal regardless of the value of your engagement ring. The most important thing is to make your partner happy and that they agree to marry you –– not how much the ring cost.

Do you need help choosing the right engagement ring for your beloved? BAUNAT offers engagement rings at all prices, and we are always happy to help you find the perfect diamond ring for your union. Contact us to discuss your budget and your desires.
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