Getting married may seem like a natural next step to most people so the fact of whether or not it will affect their lives doesn’t really come into question before it happens. But in fact it does, getting married does change your lifestyle, even if you were actually living with your partner before, because it officialises your relationship and makes it 100% real to you and the world.

  • Does a marriage change your personal life?
  • How does it affect your professional career?

Does a marriage change your personal life?

Even if you get married after having lived with your partner for years, the act of getting married does change life in the way it is perceived by both the couple and the world around you. It may seem like a formality but it isn’t. Marriage strengthens your bond to your loved one and really ensures you stick to one another no matter what, you cannot just pack your bags and leave as easily.

For some people it legitimises a relationship and gives it more weight, especially if you already have children.

How does it affect your professional career?

Your professional career may also be affected by a marriage. Because focusing on a career, getting promoted, changing jobs and sometimes locations such as cities or even countries, cannot be thought of as an individual, but need to be considered as a couple.

And that is even more true in our modern society where it is very likely that both partners have a career and both jobs are just as important. You can’t accept a job in another city like that, you need to concert your partner and both understand the pro’s of con’s of such change and how it would affect your life.

Getting married and tying the knot is a wonderful adventure and a great new chapter in your lives, but like many large changes in life, it needs to be thought of realistically and to a certain extent pragmatically. 

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