'Shine bright like a diamond'. It is an expression that can be interpreted in different ways, depending on the light source - under sunlight, candle light or artificial light - the diamond will ‘shine’ differently. This has proven the importance of how light affects the brilliance of a diamond.

The concepts ‘shape’ and ‘cut’ are often used interchangeably. Simply explained: shape refers to the shape of the diamond and cut to the cut quality. A brilliant shape diamond has 58 facets or ' mirrors ' which reflect light and makes sure that the diamond shines beautifully. Out of the 4C's (carat, color, clarity and cut), cut is the most complex and technically the most difficult. Therefore, craftsmanship is required. At BAUNAT we only work with diamonds from which the cut quality is at least ' Very Good '. The cut or grinding quality ensures that the light is being reflected nicely and gives the diamond its magnificent radiance and beauty. Every time the diamond moves, you will see a fascinating play of light and color. This symphony of reflected light is a combination of brilliance (the light reflected by a diamond), fire (the scattering of light in the colours of the spectrum) and sparkle (the pattern of light and dark areas, and the flashes of light when a diamond is being moved).

It is fascinating to see how the sight of a diamond can be changed by environment changes. If you are planning on buying a diamond, ask the jeweler to show them under different light conditions, so you can compare the brilliance in day, and in artificial light. Buy the diamond whose brilliance is at its best in the light condition in which you're going to wear the stone the most. After purchase, it is advisable to take care of the diamond the best way possible. Facets are as mirrors and shine best if they are clean.

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