• How long does it take to plan a wedding?
  • Which dates should you avoid for your wedding?
  • Which months are most popular?

How do you start planning your wedding? How long does it generally take to go from receiving your engagement ring to exchanging the wedding rings? Most couples spend about half a year to a year planning their wedding. But what should you keep in mind when determining your wedding date? Find our 5 tips below.

Pick a wedding location first

First determine in which season or around which month you would prefer to get married. Do you have a specific wedding location or ballroom in mind? Be sure to contact them and check their availability during that period. You will be amazed how many locations are already fully booked a year in advance.

What if I want to marry abroad?

Would you like to receive your golden ring at a beautiful beach, in a romantic vineyard or at another unique location abroad? Keep a preparation period of 15 months in mind to get married abroad. Before picking a date, check the weather conditions, national holidays and holiday periods.

Why is it better not to get married during holidays?

Getting married during school holidays or in an extended weekend can be more difficult. A lot of families with children book their trip months or even more than a year in advance, especially for the summer holidays. During that period, not all of your guests will be able to be present. Also try to keep (pre-)exam periods into account.

What about symbolic dates?

A white wedding dress, golden rings, doves... A wedding is bursting at the seams with symbolism. So why not get married on a symbolic date? Our tip: pick a date that is symbolic only to you, like the day you met each other or the day of your first kiss. If you would like to marry on a symbolic date such as Valentine’s Day, you are far from the only one…

What is the best month to get married in?

Although we just advised you to not receive your golden ring during the school holidays or during an exam period, the most popular months do seem to be June, July, August and September. The most important tip for picking your wedding date is to check your agendas and see which date looks best to you. That is when you can start the countdown until the big day!

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