It is very risky to guess the correct ring size of your girlfriend. Most women don’t even know their own size, so how can you know? You’re about to surprise her with a diamond ring, or you are planning a marriage proposal, but you don’t know her ring size yet. No need to panic just yet, we will be glad to help you!

Ring Sizer

With a good plastic ring sizer you can easily determine the correct ring size. You can order this at BAUNAT, but there are plenty of alternatives on the market. Ideally, slide the ring sizer on the ring finger of your girlfriend, but if you want to surprise her, this is not really a good idea. Therefore, take a (diamond) ring from her personal collection and find the right size.

Useful tips

Are you planning to buy a diamond ring for yourself online, or you discovered the surprise of your boyfriend, then you can always go and determine your ring size. Hereby you must take into account a number of things:

• temperature, time, food, drinks, etc., can all have an influence on your ring size. This is the most stable between lunch and supper.

• cold water makes the fingers shrink. Hot water makes them swell.

• If your knuckles are wider than the rest of your fingers, take a ring size in between.

• most people buy their diamonds ring too large. However, this is not a good idea. Make sure that the ring slides tight over the knuckles, to avoid loss.

Still haven’t found a beautiful diamond ring? Feel free to have a look into our extensive collection. Are you interested in or do you have questions about a particular model, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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