Small earrings are easy to combine and can be worn for just about any occasion.  That is why men often choose these types of earrings and why small earrings are the ideal piece of jewellery to give to children. Read all about it here.

    Who are small earrings suitable for?

    Small and short earrings usually have a minimalist style and therefore suit someone with a casual look very well. The classic earrings give that extra bit of spice to your daily outfit. If you like it a bit more striking, go for a pair of diamond earrings or gold ear studs.

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    Especially for people with a short haircut, the classic ear studs or small rings are very trendy. For a special occasion, you can choose larger studs in a unique precious metal such as red gold or a pair of eye-catchers with large diamond ear studs.

    If you wear glasses, you should also choose a pair of short earrings. Your glasses already attract attention and long or big earrings are too much of a good thing.

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    Always choose earrings that match the colour of your hair and skin tone. With light brown hair, you can opt for yellow gold earrings. They will enhance the warmth of your hair colour and skin tone. If you have black or dark brown hair, it is better to choose platinum or white gold ones. For blondes, the choice depends on the undertone of their blonde hairstyle. If you have a warm undertone, choose yellow gold, red gold or rose gold. If you have a cooler undertone, white gold earrings with a striking gemstone such as sapphire or emerald are a good choice. Sapphire earrings and rubies also go well with grey hair.

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    Are small earrings suitable for children?

    Parents are increasingly having their young children pierced. It is also a popular gift for slightly older children, for example for communion and spring parties. Always choose an experienced jeweller or go to a piercing shop so that you can be sure that the holes will be pierced by someone with experience.
    For children, always choose earrings of high quality and hypoallergenic precious material. Your child should keep these earrings in all the time to prevent the little holes from closing again. That's why parents usually choose earrings that don't get in the way when playing or during daily activities. They are also easy to put on and come in different shapes and sizes.

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    You can safely give gold earrings to children. Gold does not oxidise and rarely causes inflammation. Moreover, earrings for children are not big, and so buying a pair of gold earrings for children is not that expensive. You can often choose from all kinds of fun figures.

    Also, creolesor rings are often seen with children, often with fine pendants. This type of short earrings is better for slightly older children who have had holes in their ears for a while. It is slightly more difficult to put them on with young children and the holes will close more easily.

    Which small earrings for men?

    Earrings are also becoming more and more popular with men. We are no longer surprised when we see a man with one or more earrings. Men often choose ear studs in a rather sober colour. Yet you can also follow some jewellery trends as a man. Furthermore, you can  opt for a statement earring in the form of a short pendant with a striking design. The trend of asymmetrical short earrings is very popular with men as well. You wear a subtle ear stud in one ear and a striking short earring with pendant in the other. For men, the most common earrings are silver or black. But you can also choose yellow gold, platinum or even red gold.

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