Minimalist earrings are easy to combine, not only with styles and looks, but also with other small earrings.  That is why a lot of people choose this type of earrings for their everyday outfit. However, they can also make you shine on special occasions. BAUNAT will be happy to give you some tips.

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    Who are minimalist earrings suitable for?

    Minimalist earrings go very well with a casual look, they are therefore perfectly suited to give your everyday outfit an elegant touch. The  classic ear studs, for example, immediately add that extra spice to your daily look. But they are also very stylish with any outfit. Especially for people with a short hairstyle, for example, the more classic ear studs  or minimalist earrings are very trendy. If you like it to be more striking, go for a pair of diamond earrings or gold ear studs.
    If you wear glasses, it's best to opt for a pair of small minimalist earrings. Your glasses attract all the attention and a pair of eye-catching, large earrings can be too much of a good thing. In combination with glasses, it is better to go for a smaller pair of earrings in the form of a pair of diamond or gold studs.
    If you prefer to go for large earrings in a minimalist design, opt for simple elongated pendants. They match almost any look and exude pure class.

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    Always choose earrings that match the colour of your hair and skin tone. With light brown hair, you can opt for yellow gold earrings. They will enhance the warmth of your hair colour and skin tone. If you have black or dark brown hair, it is better to choose platinum or white gold ones. For blondes, the choice depends on the undertone of their blonde hairstyle. If you have a warm undertone, choose yellow gold, red gold or rose gold. If you have a cooler undertone, white gold earrings with a striking gemstone such as sapphire or emerald are a good choice. Sapphire earrings and rubies also go well with grey hair.

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    What are the advantages and disadvantages of minimalist earrings?

    Minimalist earrings do not immediately scream for attention. So you can easily combine them with a striking outfit or bold make-up. If you choose fine, small earrings or earrings, your ears will thank you. You will run less risk of overstretching your earlobes or getting stuck with your earrings.

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    How do I combine minimalist earrings?

    When we think of minimalist earrings, we first think of ear studs or small earrings. Yet you can also opt for a statement earring in the form of a short pendant with a striking design. Furthermore, the trend of asymmetrical minimalist earrings is on the rise. You wear a subtle ear stud in one ear and a striking short earring with pendant in the other. Or go for minimalist earrings in combination with ear studs. Then choose matching designs in yellow gold, platinum or even red gold.

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