Large earrings can be a real fashion statement. Just think of famous stars who attract attention on the red carpet with a striking piece of jewelry on their ears. Yet large earrings don't suit everyone or for every occasion. Read all about it here.

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When can you wear large earrings?

With large earrings, you will draw full attention to your face. Especially if you choose diamond earrings, your face will be put in the spotlight. For every face shape there is also a type of earrings that fit best. If you have a round face, your face is the widest at the cheekbones. In that case you should choose very long earrings, even up to your chin. This length will optically refine your face and provide more balance. Choose elongated earrings with a square or rectangular pendant. This will create a nice contrast between your round face and the geometric shapes of the large earrings.

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If you rather have an angular face, then you can soften your facial features by opting for frivolous earrings. Go for graceful shapes that break up the angular lines of your face. Short pendants with a delicate design are perfect. Diamond earrings with round pendants are also a good choice.

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If your face is rather elongated, then large creoles suit you perfectly. These are large round earrings that have become a real statement jewel in recent years. The word "creole" actually means "slave" in Surinamese, and in Caribbean cultures creoles symbolize resilience, strength and identity. Creoles come in a variety of sizes, from a relatively small ring to an impressive pair of serious diameter earrings.

If you wear glasses, it is better to choose a simpler pair of earrings. Your glasses already attract attention and a pair of statement earrings can then be too much of a good thing. In combination with glasses, you better go for a smaller pair of earrings in the form of a pair of diamond or gold ear studs.

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What hairstyle do you wear large earrings with?

If you have short hair, it is better not to choose large earrings. With a short, spicy hairstyle you better wear the more classic earrings or small earrings. Would you still like a striking pair of statement earrings? Then choose larger studs in a unique precious metal such as red gold. Or go for a pair of eye-catchers with large diamond earrings.

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With long hair, several types of large earrings fit, but often the problem arises that your hair gets tangled in the jewelry. You can avoid this by putting your hair up. Choose a hairstyle that allows some strands to come out at the back, so that your large earrings stand out even more. A side braid is also perfect for accentuating your earrings.

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Always choose earrings that match the color of your hair and skin tone. With light brown hair, you can opt for yellow gold earrings. They will enhance the warmth of your hair color and skin tone. If you have black or dark brown hair, it is better to choose platinum or white gold ones. For blondes, the choice depends on the undertone of their blonde hairstyle. If you have a warm undertone, then choose yellow goldred gold or rose gold. For cooler undertones, white gold earrings or a striking gemstone such as sapphire or emerald are appropriate. Sapphire earrings also go very well with gray hair, as does ruby earrings.

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What occasion do large earrings go with?

Large earrings are not just for stars on the red carpet, yet such statement earrings do not fit every occasion. A special event is the ideal occasion to make a fashion statement with a pair of eye-catching diamond earrings. For example, choose a pair of assymetric earrings to attract attention. Be careful with weddings, for example. Check the theme and dress code carefully and keep in mind that the bride may not appreciate you walking around with the attention. If certain guidelines are given regarding your outfit, rather opt for understated jewelry.
On a day-to-day basis, you can probably judge for yourself whether a pair of statement earrings is appropriate or not. Does it fit within your corporate culture? Then you can feel free to go to a business meeting with an important client wearing large earrings. If your company is more traditional, opt for neutral earrings.

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What look will you choose statement earrings for?

If you opt for statement earrings, it is important to keep a good balance with the rest of your look. For example, avoid an outfit with a striking pattern or busy details, because then the whole look quickly comes across as messy. If you choose statement earrings, you will of course want the emphasis to be on those large earrings. Are you going for big earrings in a striking color? Then choose an outfit in that same color or go for black for a perfect contrast. If your earrings are in precious metals or diamonds, you can easily combine them with bright colors.

Also match your makeup with your earrings. Large earrings are best suited with natural make-up so that the attention is focused on the jewelry. For example, don't combine your statement earrings with smokey eyes and bold lips. If you want to wear bright red lipstick, choose fine and elongated earrings that draw attention to your jawline and mouth. Also leave out heavy rougebecause it will be accentuated by the earrings. For example, pair your yellow gold earrings with golden bronze eyeshadow and your white gold or platinum earrings with a cool eyeshadow in a darker shade than your eye color. Those with green eyes can opt for a combination of red gold earrings and copper eyeshadow.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of large earrings?

The advantage of large earrings is that you immediately draw all the attention to your face. This can be useful if you want to stand out at an event or have to speak in front of a large audience, for example. Yet there are also disadvantages to such large earrings. Indeed, earrings that weigh too much can cause the hole in your ears to stretch or your earlobe to tear in the long run. Also, earrings get stuck behind something rather easily. So be sure to pay close attention around small children or when wearing a scarf.

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