Combining different earrings is totally in. So, create a unique look with asymmetrical earrings or combine different pairs of earrings with each other. Read all about it here.

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    How do I wear asymmetrical earrings?

    The trend of asymmetrical earrings is seen mostly among people with multiple holes in the same ear. The most common types of earrings to combine in this way are ear studs, small creoles and short pendants. Among the large earrings or long pendants, we see less asymmetrical earrings.

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    But even if you only have one hole in each ear, you can opt for an asymmetrical look. Then you wear a different earring in each ear. For example, you can combine two pairs of diamond earrings for an original touch. In addition, there are also earrings in asymmetrical sets, so one is different from the other.

    Furthermore, the trend of asymmetrical short earrings is also very in with men. You wear a subtle ear stud in one ear and a striking short earring with pendant in the other. For men, the most common earrings are silver or black. Yet you can also perfectly choose yellow goldplatinum or even red gold.

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    What look do asymmetrical earrings go with?

    The combination of multiple earrings in one ear can quickly appear busy. Therefore, it is better to choose minimalist earrings in the same style. Furthermore, asymmetrical earrings can do just about anything in terms of look. They can be real eye-catchers or just that subtle extra to your outfit. There are sets where one earring is the opposite of the other, for example two half-moons that you wear in mirror image. Also, one earring may be slightly longer than the other, but they still clearly belong together because they contain the same type of gemstone.

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    What are the advantages and disadvantages of wearing earrings asymmetrically?

    The advantage of wearing earrings asymmetrically is that it subtly draws attention and creates a unique look. The downside is that the whole thing can quickly start to look messy. However, there are tips to avoid this. For example, always wear the longest earring in front and go smaller as you go higher in your ears. If you combine several colors, go for the same shapes and vice versa. For example, wear different shapes in yellow gold or go for several round earrings in diamonds and sapphires.

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