• How do I start smart investing?
  • Which diamonds are the most valuable?
  • What’s to best way to sell my diamonds?

What ring do I give to my future wife? What do I give for a wedding anniversary? A diamond always surprises. This extraordinary stone is popular worldwide by every population. That status means that the stone continues to sell. 

How do I start smart investing?

Diamond is not only one of the most stable, but also one of the easiest investments. Would you rather invest less? No problem. With smaller diamonds, you can simply add up until you reach the right amount. Buying diamonds is not only smart, but also simple. How can you buy diamonds even more easily? By joining an online jeweller.

Which diamonds are the most valuable?

The value of diamonds is determined by your diamond expert. It is more or less the same worldwide. We look at carat, clarity, colour and cut quality. One species is rarer than the other, which also makes it more popular.

With very rare stones you will be able to earn a lot of money. Note: you will also lose them less easily. Purchasing smaller diamonds ensures that you can easily get them back on the market. When do I invest in diamond jewellery? Because of their intrinsic value, they also remain valuable. However, they are often given as a symbolic gift. Because of the emotional value over time, it will be harder to distance yourself from it.

What’s the best way to sell my diamonds?

Buying and selling diamonds are very different processes. Before you sell them, first choose to whom. There are various markets from which you can choose, one more challenging than the other.

One of the markets that you can choose is the one of the individuals. You can simply search someone yourself to sell them to. Pay close attention if you resell yourself. All documents must be completely in order to transfer your property. It is best to ask for help from a diamond expert.

A second market where you can sell is the diamond trade itself. They value your diamonds and then let you know how much they want to pay. You can compare different traders against each other in terms of reliability. This is how you make the best choice.

Do you not want to say goodbye to your investment over time? Then you can also have your diamonds processed in a beautiful personal jewel. So, you do not have to say goodbye at all.

Are you ready for a safe investment? You want to buy or sell diamonds or set them in a jewel? Please contact BAUNAT for free advice about your investment. 


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