Why did she say “no” the first time round? What did you subsequently discuss about a new proposal? How are you going to handle it this time? With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, there are plenty of men (and women) who are busy preparing themselves for a romantic marriage proposal. The right engagement ring, her dream proposal, a beautiful presentation: everything is ready.

But what if I already did this before and she said “no”? How can I definitely get that engagement ring on her finger this time?

Why did she say “no” the first time?

It’s important to know exactly why she turned you down the first time you proposed. If you are thinking of proposing again, then it can’t have been about her not wanting to share her future with you. So what was the reason? Was the proposal not exactly what she had been hoping for? Wasn’t she quite ready for marriage? Some men are turned down because they used the engagement ring they had actually bought for an ex-girlfriend. So make sure you understand why she turned you down the first time, as this will allow you to be sure things will be different this time.

You should also make sure you have more control over her answer this time. Make sure you discuss everything again if you are still not convinced of a “yes”.

What did you agree on afterwards in relation to a new proposal?

You will undoubtedly have had many conversations regarding the how and why of both the proposal and the rejection after an initial failed proposal attempt. This will have ensured you found out the exact reason for the rejection, but it should also have provided you with an indication of when she may be ready for another proposal. Did she want to wait a little while? Is a new engagement ring needed? And which one of you is going to be doing the new proposal? These days many women are actually the ones to take responsibility for the marriage proposal. Stick to what you agreed on. Was she going to propose? Then make sure you respect that and don’t try to beat her to it.

What if you never really discussed matters after the previous rejection? Then you would be better off putting the plans for a new proposal on hold for the time being and instead focus on those important conversations first. This will ensure you know exactly where you stand before you go down on one knee.

How are you going to handle it this time?

What if I am absolutely sure she wants to marry me this time? Make sure the proposal is once again unique. No matter how perfect, personal and special your last proposal was, this is a new start for both of you. Plus the new plans will undoubtedly make it all exciting for you again too. Your commitment to a new proposal and a unique and new engagement ring will be the start of a new story for you together. Make it memorable.

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