• Why should I invest in loose diamonds?
  • How much profit do diamonds have?

How can I easily buy and sell diamonds?

How can you diversify your investment portfolio? By buying loose diamonds. They are a stable personal estate and they offer a lot of assurance. Discover the advantages of investing in diamonds here. 

Why should I invest in loose diamonds?

Raw materials have always been one of the most stable investments. Within the raw materials, diamonds are the most stable. Buying diamonds? That’s buying stability and comfort. You can choose an investment in valuable jewellery or in loose diamonds.

An investment in jewellery is often associated with an occasion. For instance, a nice investment could be a unique engagement ring. With loose diamonds, it’s mostly about the raw material.

Buying loose diamonds? This gives you a lot of control over your investment. You choose how many you buy and what their size should be. They are also easy to sell because they’re useful in a big market. You can sell to individuals or jewellers. But also to specialists who use them in industrial manufacturing.

How much profit do diamonds have?

Because of their intrinsic value, diamonds are crisis resistant. Even in the exceptional case of a decline, they decline the least of all raw materials. In this case you can just wait until they rise again. On average, diamonds yield a return of about 15% per year.

How can I easily buy and sell diamonds?

It is best to have a certified diamond expert to do all the work. They provide the right papers and bring everything in order. Which certificates do diamond experts need? These are from internationally renowned diamond institutions such as GIA and IGI. They show that your expert is reliable. In addition, you can easily buy your diamonds online. This way you buy where and when you want.

How much do I invest in diamonds? You buy diamonds to your own preference. You decide how much you want to invest and then have the diamond dealer make a proposal based on your budget. So, you decide exactly how much you invest.

How can I resell an investment in diamonds? Sales can often be left to the diamond expert. They find a buyer for you and ensure that you get the right price. The selective liquidity of diamonds means that the more common diamonds can be sold very easily. That's the kind that you probably chose. Did you invest in a rare type of diamond? Then the liquidity is less and you better go to an auction. There the value is determined by speculation.

You would like to extend your portfolio right away and buy diamonds? You already have diamonds you want to sell? Contact the certified diamond expert BAUNAT via chat or mail. 


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