• What are the most popular engagement rings?
  • What type of engagement ring do I choose?
  • How do I make her engagement ring unique?

With an engagement ring, you immediately think about a gorgeous and precious jewel around the finger of your loved one. But there are a lot of options. What types of engagement rings are the most popular? Why do you choose a certain design? Discover the popular designs here, from most to least sold. This way you immediately know which categories to select when searching for her perfect jewellery online. 

Why choose a solitaire?

Look: This ring is a classic and popular worldwide. This ring often has a thin white gold or platina band with a central stone.

Why choose this design: Because the ring only has one stone, you can go for a much bigger stone than with the other types. This way the ring will stand out a lot more than others from the same type. The classic design is timeless.

What makes it unique: You choose a precious metal in a more special colour. The solitaire often comes with a white gold band, so if you choose a different colour, you go for a unique look.

Why choose a trilogy?

Look: The subtle ring contains three stones on the band. Sometimes they have the same size, sometimes the central stone is bigger.

Why choose this design: The three stones next to each other reflect each other’s light. This intensifies the sparkle, which makes the little diamonds stand out more. The central stone attracts even more attention if he’s bigger than the one next to him.

What makes it unique: By choosing a coloured gemstone for the central stone or two side stones, you completely personalize your engagement ring. This way he doesn’t look like any other ring and you can adjust it to the style of your fiancé.

Why choose a halo?

Look: With a halo, the ring will always be the centre of attention. The main stone is quite large, and it will even looks bigger with the smaller stones surrounding it.

Why choose this design: This trendy is popular for a reason. The rings are a combination of precision and modern design. The size of the ring is what makes it stand out and it’s ideal for special occasions.

What makes it unique: Choose an adapted shape or colour. A special cut gives the ring that extra touch.

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