Just as cutting a rough diamond into a beautiful, sparkling stone, requires a tremendous skill level, the design and production of a diamond jewel requires the same passion, dedication and meticulous attention for detail. It is pure craftsmanship. At BAUNAT, we have several leading experts that deal with these matters. Whether it is a jewel set with diamonds and/or gemstones from our collection or a tailor-made jewel, every jewel receives the attention and love it deserves throughout the entire production process. But how, exactly, are diamond jewels created?

First up, the design team. They brainstorm about models and research current trends in order to come up with new designs. These fresh ideas are first casted in wax. The wax prototypes are then casted in gold or platinum and finished by the goldsmith and setter. The work of the goldsmith and setter requires a lot of precision. They look at every jewel, like they will give it to their loved ones. This love for the craft is necessary to guarantee quality. More and more new technologies aid them in their craft and improve their precision.

Producing high quality diamond jewellery is teamwork which requires great communication. The production process takes a lot of time and every jewel needs to get the attention it requires whether it is a simple pair of earrings or a statement necklace. We strive to deliver impeccable end results. 

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