• How can we choose a wedding ring set to match each other?
  • How can I match my other daily jewellery?
  • Why would I try to match my other wedding jewellery?

There is much to consider when trying to choose the perfect wedding ring set. Not only the meaningful symbolism of wearing matching rings plays an important role, you also need to be sure you will love these diamond rings for the rest of your life. How can we pick the perfect matching rings? How can we match in more than one way?

How can we choose a wedding ring set to match each other?

When thinking of matching wedding ring sets, most people automatically see the classic matching rings of husband and wife. They are easily combined and adapted to each spouse’s personal taste once the right set is found. The matching nature of both rings reminds each partner of the other, even when they are not around, in the perfect symbolic finishing touch. Today, many wedding ring sets do not only refer to everlasting matching wedding rings, but to the matching engagement ring as well. With more and more couples choosing to pick out the rings together, it becomes easier to pick the perfect ring trio in one sitting.

Not a fan of matching rings? No problem! Plenty of devoted couples have vastly different tastes and are perfectly content with completely different looking wedding rings. Most people receiving an engagement ring, however, do prefer it matching their own wedding band.

How can I match my other daily jewellery?

Your wedding ring set will need to match your daily lifestyles and accessories – for both of you. Many people consider it important that women carefully choose which engagement and wedding rings will match their current jewellery collection, but the same goes for men. Do all of his watches and cufflinks have a white gold trim? Then combining them with yellow gold is a very bold choice that might not always pay off. Although mixing and matching metals is all the rage right now, consider if you will still love the trend ten years from now. Have you loved mixed metals your whole life? Then pay no mind to classic convention and mix away.

Does your jewellery box hold an impressive amount of both rose and white gold? Feel free to choose both. Is it highly monochrome? Then stick to what you have loved for years.

Why would I try to match my other wedding jewellery?

Although your wedding jewellery is specifically chosen for the big day, you will likely want to wear it again. Choosing pieces that complement your engagement ring and wedding band the day of, will continue to do so afterwards. Again, it is important to choose pieces that match your personal styles so that you can enjoy them time and again. Do you like rose gold and he prefers platinum? Then mix it up between the two of you but stay true to both of your personal styles. His platinum wedding ring will be perfectly complemented by platinum cufflinks, while your rose gold necklace will emphasise your gorgeous rose engagement ring. Do you both like mixing and matching? Then forget the rules and just be yourself!

Where can I find the perfect wedding ring set for our styles? How can we be sure of our rings? Contact the diamond jewellery experts at BAUNAT for guidance in your choice.

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