• Why would I choose to get married in secret?
  • How can we throw a surprise wedding?
  • What should I keep in mind for my special day?

Not everyone is up for a traditional wedding, and many end up choosing alternative ways to celebrate commitment. But why pick one or the other? Why not choose traditional with a personal twist? Exchanging wedding rings need not be a high-end affair planned months in advance if that is not entirely your style. Elope with the love of your life or astonish everyone by throwing a surprise wedding.


Why would I choose to get married in secret?

Getting married in secret saves a lot of time, effort and money when it comes to planning and guest lists. You never have to worry about any of the factors that provide the most stress for couples planning a traditional wedding – save the dress and wedding rings. It can be entirely about you and your soon-to-be-spouse. Moreover, the money you spend on not booking wedding venues nor wining and dining about 200 guests can go towards a spectacular honeymoon or a one of a kind exotic wedding.

As with everything, getting married in secret does have its downsides. Some people might find it difficult to understand why you chose to get married without them, especially close friends and relatives. Because of that, it could be a great idea to host an intimate dinner party with the most important people in your life to celebrate.

How can we throw a surprise wedding?

Not only secret weddings are steadily growing in popularity. Couples are also increasingly choosing to do the opposite: host massive festivities but tell none of the guests the real occasion. Many couples find it takes a lot of the pressure off when people are not aware of the wedding beforehand. Without traditional expectations from the guests, the bride and groom feel far less obligated to stick to tradition and freer to make it completely personal. Surprise weddings offer all of the benefits of a traditional one with none of the worries.

Surprise weddings do risk that some of the guest you really wanted there might not make the same effort to attend as they would for your wedding since they consider it an informal event. It is also more difficult to have guests adhere to a dress code or for them to figure out gift etiquette for such an unusual event.

What should I keep in mind for my special day?

No matter which type of unusual wedding day you end up choosing, some things you should always take into account. Firstly, never try to save money on engagement or wedding rings. Regardless of how you start your life together, your rings are meant to last a lifetime. Make sure to invest in qualitative and high-end jewellery fit to wear every day without wearing out. Most important, however, is to remember that this day is completely devoted to your relationship and connection. Whether it be traditional, a secret or a surprise, your relationship and personal preferences should be engrained in every detail, from your wedding rings to the last song played. Which unusual wedding are you in love with?

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